Charice offered US stay by David Foster, says mom

>> Thursday, November 13, 2008

ABS-CBN has the story here.

My two cents:

There’s a lot of opportunities for a talent like Charice, but opportunity such as this one in the US can knock only but once in a lifetime to someone from a third world country. Not to mention that, eventually, someone better than her can come along to steal the scenes she is currently enjoying. But of course, as always, mother knows best, and Mommy Raquel knows what’s best for both of her children. There are lots of talents in the Philippines that are constantly coming out from so many competitions, so no talent can ever be sure or predict for how long they can stay in the limelight. Therefore, Charice and Mom should find a way to make things work out for the three of them so that they can take advantage of the many opportunities for Charice to grab on while they build their future to be more steadily secured in case her career turns to a slower phase – and we know it always does. O di vah?


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