Sam-Anne breakup reason: God

>> Sunday, November 16, 2008

To some people, this is very hard to pathom or may sound stupid; that two people so in love with each other can end their relationship because of God. Well, not if you are, perhaps, as spiritual as Sam.

He also said his spiritual search is something he and Curtis “can’t do together” that was why he decided to stop dating.
My two cents on this?

I respect their decision and reason for their breakup. Why? Because God is involved - and I think because Sam is in honeymoon stage with the Lord - and it's very important to have someone he could share his faith with. If Anne has no spiritual life, then that's a possible reason for Sam to feel less for her which might have cause the breakup. It's hard for both of them because Sam can't just feed God into Anne's soul. It has to come from God that Anne have to search for. But absolutely, there is hope if Sam will be patient with Anne and will mninister to her instead of breaking up with her. O di vah?


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