World leader's snub of Bush created by morons and only morons will believe

>> Friday, November 21, 2008

I think Rick Sanchez is now THE famous moron of CNN. I guess calling him a buffet journalist is just appropriate because in the CNN video posted by Katharine Zaleski of Huffington Post, he only showed the part in the video where in world leaders were shown shaking the hands of everybody but not of Bush. The truth is that Bush had been shaking hands and slapping backs all day long with the world’s heads of state. But why do you think Rick Sanchez skipped this important part of the video and chose to be branded a moron by not showing the truth? Did he think that people were too stupid that they will never find out the truth eventually? Ayayayyyy! I think he just made himself a fool doing this. But thanks to CNN humorist Jeanne Moos for setting the record straight. Michelle Malkin has more.

Here is the truth:


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