The Aquino children's selfless love

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I admire the Aquino children for they understood, accepted and supported their parent’s active political and public service life, a far cry from the luxury they could have enjoyed being one from a rich family. They could have just lived a full life meant only for the rich. But no, they let their parents be a parent for the whole nation. They shared their parents to us. I think, the Aquino family is the most simple and humble family I know that actually belonged to the elite group. Kris is sort of an exception in a way because she is in showbiz, but Ninoy and Cory lived a very simple life that their children automatically followed.

If there will be a movie about Cory (I’m very sure there will be one in the near future) I hope it will be about their love story. I am amazed by what I've learned about them and I’m learning more and more each day. I left the country in 1979 and at that time, there was no TFC. We relied on some Filipino newspapers and the telephone to get an update. During the People’s Power era, we kept a close watch of what was going on in the Philippines but limited. When Cory became the president, I only knew little about her and her administration. From what I’ve read and heard now, I begun to know her more in a more personal level, enough to make me and my husband literally cry during the week of her funeral. She was a remarkable woman and I wish we had her a little longer. I would like to know more about her and I wish and pray that there will be a full movie about her life, love and family.

Priest thanks Aquino children for sacrifices

MANILA - A priest and close friend of the Aquino family on Wednesday expressed gratitude to the children of the late Benigno and Corazon Aquino for sharing their parents’ sacrifice for the country’s democracy.

“A word of gratitude to her (Cory) children, who shared so much of her sacrifice. They almost never had a mother and father for themselves,” Father Catalino Arevalo said in his homily at the funeral Mass for the late former president at the Manila Cathedral on Wednesday morning.

Arevalo said the five children, -- Ballsy, Pinky Viel, Kris and Noynoy -- carry the blood and spirit of Ninoy and Tita Cory, as the two leaders are fondly called, respectively, not only by close friends, but all Filipinos.

“The sacrifices demanded of them also. This morning Ballsy, Pinky, Noynoy, Kris, Viel, we say thank you from all our hearts. We offer thanks from the hearts of the people, forever in your death.”

The priest said Mrs. Aquino’s “priority lineup” had always been God and country, people and then family.

After Ninoy’s assassination in 1983, Mrs. Aquino willingly took his place and continued the late senator’s fight against the Marcos dictatorship.

The fight ended with a people’s revolt, forcing the exile of the Marcos family in 1986.

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