John Lloyd Cruz can be a better young Ninoy than Piolo Pascual

>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The plan to film the life and love of President Cory Aquino is moving on slowly but surely. The first choices as approved by Kris and siblings are Vilma Santos as Cory and Piolo Pascual as young Ninoy. Kris Aquino says her family prefers Piolo Pascual over Cesar Montano to play Ninoy in a biopic and she went on to explain that based on her late father's age, Piolo fits the role more than Cesar. But a lot of people expressed their opinion as well that personality wise, Piolo does not fit the role of Ninoy either and that Kris and family should be more open in considering other actors like John Lloyd Cruz whose looks can come closer to Ninoy’s than Piolo’s. But the final decision is still up in the air and nothing has been offered to anyone yet. On the other hand, it’s unanimous for Vilma Santos because she is really an actress for all seasons and she can 100% do justice to the role.


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