What we should never forget about Cory's governance

>> Saturday, October 31, 2009

When I read this new blog of FVR's niece, Lila Shahani, this one reader's comment caught my attention and got me to think about why putting Noynoy as a replacement of Gloria Arroyo can become a history repeat. The comment is a reminder for us about the deep chaos left for Cory to clean up, and she did her best within her power inspite of the many sharks and snakes that surrounded her. Admit it or not, it was she who paved the way to Ramos' success, if any. If Noynoy wins, he will be left with Gloria Arroyo's mess to clean up as well. The biggest advantage we have with Noynoy, just like his mom, is his honesty and simplicity; and he will lead by example.
Chinky said...

To anonymous who said Cory's administration was "wala lang"...

May I remind you that Cory inherited a deeply wounded country not just in economics but in EVERYTHING else. When she became president, she has to pull up a country not just from the ground but from a very deep pit. A lesser person could barely extend a hand towards that deep pit. True, there were problems but the problems that surfaced could happen to any country with lesser evil backgrounds. Had Pres. Cory been corrupt, we would have been in deeper sh*t.

May I remind you also that when she came to power everything about human rights in this country was in chaos. What she did in her administration is what YOU enjoyed today.

The failures and successes of every Filipino does not lie in who will be the next president. Try to examine your life: what brought you success... and failure? It's not the president of our country. We are successful because we did something right.

And the Filipino people needs a president to inspire them to do something right. The only one who can do that is someone who has been living honestly and simply since he/she was born.


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