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>> Monday, November 30, 2009


Massacre protests begins

According to the headlines:

Hundreds of journalists, human rights activists, lawyers and students marched in downtown Manila demanding justice for the 57 victims, including 30 journalists.

Blocking traffic and carrying mock coffins, the protesters claim President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is creating a climate where perpetrators believe they would not be held responsible for the brutal crimes.
But it seems like Gloria Arroyo is too engrossed to think or react about the massacre perhaps this is why abot tenga ang ngiti niya habang ang mga tao ay nagluluksa. If she is taking this horrible crime lightly, well, the people are not going to stop unless justice is fully served.


Ricky Lo: Gina shouldn’t say sorry to the Ranillos

This is from Ricky Los' article in Philippine Star today and I'm sharing it here because I totally agree that Gina should not say sorry to the Ranillos. Gina has the right to express her feelings whatsoever, especially about the woman who was said to be the cause of the breakup of her family. In my opinion, there was truth to the Manny-Krista rumors especially when Manny said that Krista is "katalik", ops, I mean "matalik" na kaibigan for Manny. So I don't understand why he had to apologized. Do you?

Yes, I agree with Gina Alajar that she shouldn’t apologize to the Ranillos who are demanding for a “public apology” from her after she uploaded on her Facebook a message to Jinkee Pacquiao, wife of Manny Pacquiao who is being linked to Krista Ranillo, daughter of Mat Ranillo III — you know, for Jinkee not to leave Manny because “Krista is not worth it.”

Unconfirmed reports mentioned Krista as one of the causes of the break-up of Gina’s marriage to Michael de Mesa years ago (the marriage has since been annulled).

“When I wrote something in my Facebook,” Gina told Funfare, “I was actually speaking for wives who are in the same situation as Jinkee.”

In the next breath, Gina added that she (and her four sons) are the ones who deserve an apology, presumably from the Ranillos, but to no avail.

“We’re waiting up to now but the apology hasn’t come yet,” said Gina.

Reminded that the Ranillos are threatening to haul her to court, Gina said, “I have never been charged in my whole life. If and when, it would be the first time.”

In short, Gina is ready to face the Ranillos in court.

Well, there will always be a first time.

If Gina could sing “for the first time” in public in the just-concluded Celebrity Duets, she can always “sing” in court, ehem, “for the first time.”

Meanwhile, more and more juicy items about Manny and Krista are coming out in print despite a “threat” by the Ranillos to also file charges against the “offending” media.

An unsolicited advice for Mat: Remind Krista to stay as far from Manny as she can especially when they are in public to prevent them from adding fire to the rumor. And if they, well, “can’t help it,” the two should at least keep things under wraps.


Angel Locsin looking stunning at Emmy"s

>> Thursday, November 26, 2009

Angel Locsin recently attended the International Emmy awards where in she was nominated in the Best Actress category for her teleserye with Piolo Pascual entitled "Lobo", and although she didn't win, her beauty won the hearts and admirations of many. She was just so captivating. The picture says it all


Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao together again and plans for family - watch interview

>> Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fans are still a little skeptic about the real score between Manny and wife Jinkee but as we can see in this interview at the airport upon their return, they seem to have reconciled. That's good news for all his fans. At least, it looks like Manny is doing his best to win Jinkee's trust again. Filipinos truly love and cares for the couple and were obviously affected by the controversy so the "Team Jinkee" was formed overnight in support of the champ's wife. Watch video:


Ralph Recto, Vilma Santos, moved to Liberal joining Noynoy and Mar

>> Sunday, November 15, 2009

Have you heard that Ralph and Vilma Santos-Recto has decided to move to Liberal Party, from the administration to the opposition. Yes, totoo na to. Hindi naman nakakagulat dahil may mga pinag-samahan din sila. Lalong magiging maiinit ang laban, and in my opinion, the move will strengthen the already strong team of Noynoy and Mar. Kawawa naman si Luis, mahahati ang suporta para sa mommy at daddy ngayong si Edu ay lalaban bilang bise under the administration.

Tama ba ang ginawang move ng mga Rectos? Absolutely! because they will have a better future sa Liberal and the country will be better served because they will be united. o di bah?


Manny Pacquiao and Krista Ranillo

Oh my God! If you have not heard this, ewan ko na lang sa yo. It's been the latest talk of the town that Krista is always "nakabuntot" kay Manny. Abah eh bawal na bawal iyan lalo na kapag may asawa na yung tao. They are also saying that Jinkee already know the so-called "affair" and that she will be having a talk with Manny after the fight in Vegas. This was said by Kris Aquino at "The Buzz". Siempre pa kapag galing kay Ate Kris, maasahan mo na tutuo. Hindi yun dumadada ng hindi kumpirmado. O di bah?

Pa-alala lang, Manny, if there was any truth to this, o please, tigil na po agad before pa mag-giyera. Napaka rami pa naman ang humahanga sa yo. Sabi nga ni Gina Alajar sa kanyang Facebook, Krista Ranillo is not at all worth it. O maski pa sinong chicks diyan na naguwa-guwapuhan sa dollar, ops, I mean sa mukha mo. Ayusin mo yan hane? Napaka-ganda ng asawa mo at apat na anak. Remember also, magiging very bad example ka niyan kuya. Mention ko na rin na hindi gusto ni God yan ha. Sabi nga sa bibliya, what God gives, God can take away. Baka mauwi sa lahat yung gulping inaabot mo sa boxing. Opinyon at pa-alaala lang. O di bah?


Charla Nash, the Chimp victim, shows her face on Oprah - watch video

>> Thursday, November 12, 2009

Charla Nash was viciously attacked by a 200 lbs. Chimpanzee last February and has now appeared on Oprah to face the public. Her strength and positive attitude in facing and accepting what happened to her

was very inspirational. I could not explain the feelings I had once she removed the veil cover from her face. It felt like I felt some of the pains she must have had but there are no words to express the gravity of what she went through. I pray that she may be able to move on and live a normal life. Read source here.


A man tried to rob a grandma was reduced to tears instead - watch video why

>> Friday, November 6, 2009

This is an amazing story of how a grandma witnessed to a robber. Watch video.


Is voting for Erap Estrada a waste?

>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When Estrada announced his interest to run for president again after being convicted of plunder, the world was in disbelief. When he announced that he will indeed run for the position with him saying "this is the last performance of my life..." people around the globe were making fun of him taking his announcements as a stupid political joke. The Daily Inquirer's editorial tells us why:
At a time of great crisis, in the middle of a calamitous month, during a continuing emergency that has traumatized millions of Filipino families, pardoned plunderer Joseph Estrada formally declared his intention to contest the presidency anew. Why should the people vote for him again? Because, he said, “This is the last performance of my life and I will not fail you.”

The country is reeling from the devastation wrought by two catastrophic floods, and Estrada thinks the coming elections are about him and the movie of his life? The country is deeply anxious about the prospect of a Machiavellian extension of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s hold on power, and Estrada thinks the crucial 2010 elections are nothing but an opportunity to burnish his public image? The country is suffering from years of morale-sapping corruption scandals, and Estrada thinks the make-or-break elections of May 10 are merely about his own personal vindication, over his conviction in yet another morale-sapping corruption scandal?

It is difficult to shame a shameless, runaway ego, but we should do it anyway. For shame, Mr. Estrada.

It is clear that the Supreme Court will have to decide on the legality of Estrada’s bid for reelection; a suit before the high court is the only option. For the tribunal to take its time until after the elections is, of course, itself already a decision, but we are confident that, just as the high court acted on the citizenship case filed against presidential candidate Fernando Poe Jr. in 2004 with a real sense of urgency and great dispatch, the Supreme Court too will attend to the inevitable legal challenge with all deliberate haste.

Until then, we will have to suffer from Estrada’s insulting double-talk.

At the Plaza Amado Hernandez in Tondo, Manila, last week, before some 10,000 supporters, Estrada denied the very basis of his conviction two years ago on two charges of plunder. “I have not stolen a single cent from the country’s coffers,” he said, repeating a favorite line.

Technically, he has some basis for deluding himself. He was convicted on two counts: for centralizing the illegal numbers game of jueteng right in Malacañang, in the process pocketing over P545 million between November 1998 and August 2000; and for coercing the Social Security System and the Government Service Insurance System into buying stocks in the controversial Belle Corporation, in the process earning himself a commission of over P189 million. These acts of plunder did not directly involve “the country’s coffers.” Jueteng is illegal gambling “owned” by private sector financiers who are merely “protected” by government officials; the two insurance agencies are essentially independent institutions. But the public record, accessible to anyone who is the slightest bit interested, shows, beyond a doubt, that he did betray the public trust.

“If I had sinned against you,” he said at the political rally, “I would not have the nerve to stand before you.” This is not a test of probity or uprightness, only a measure of his nerve. After all, Estrada has said time and again that his “conscience is clear” when it comes to the issue of his many mistresses, his complicated families. (It was the mansions he built for his women, while he was living the high life as president, that first focused public indignation on his administration.) Indeed, the pivotal testimony of banker Clarissa Ocampo, that he had signed as Jose Velarde, he has not even dared to refute; he has only said that he was doing it on behalf of a crony—but his conscience was clear.

In Filipino, he also told his supporters in Tondo: “I swear to run in the coming elections so I can again be of service to the masses as president of the Philippines.” We have seen what service to the masses means, in Estrada’s world: the midnight Cabinet, the constant carousing that his chief of staff later deplored, the factionalism that divided his administration and sometimes paralyzed its decision-making processes, the voracious deal-making, the institutionalization of jueteng.

Now his supporters, including ex-senator Ernesto Maceda, grown old but still so much the same, are using the intellectually dishonest argument that the public should be allowed to decide on Estrada’s eligibility. Dishonest, because eligibility in a public vote is precisely the issue.

There is, truly, no shaming the shameless.


Noynoy Aquino's Ad: Hindi Ka Nag-iisa

>> Monday, November 2, 2009

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