Ricky Lo: Gina shouldn’t say sorry to the Ranillos

>> Monday, November 30, 2009

This is from Ricky Los' article in Philippine Star today and I'm sharing it here because I totally agree that Gina should not say sorry to the Ranillos. Gina has the right to express her feelings whatsoever, especially about the woman who was said to be the cause of the breakup of her family. In my opinion, there was truth to the Manny-Krista rumors especially when Manny said that Krista is "katalik", ops, I mean "matalik" na kaibigan for Manny. So I don't understand why he had to apologized. Do you?

Yes, I agree with Gina Alajar that she shouldn’t apologize to the Ranillos who are demanding for a “public apology” from her after she uploaded on her Facebook a message to Jinkee Pacquiao, wife of Manny Pacquiao who is being linked to Krista Ranillo, daughter of Mat Ranillo III — you know, for Jinkee not to leave Manny because “Krista is not worth it.”

Unconfirmed reports mentioned Krista as one of the causes of the break-up of Gina’s marriage to Michael de Mesa years ago (the marriage has since been annulled).

“When I wrote something in my Facebook,” Gina told Funfare, “I was actually speaking for wives who are in the same situation as Jinkee.”

In the next breath, Gina added that she (and her four sons) are the ones who deserve an apology, presumably from the Ranillos, but to no avail.

“We’re waiting up to now but the apology hasn’t come yet,” said Gina.

Reminded that the Ranillos are threatening to haul her to court, Gina said, “I have never been charged in my whole life. If and when, it would be the first time.”

In short, Gina is ready to face the Ranillos in court.

Well, there will always be a first time.

If Gina could sing “for the first time” in public in the just-concluded Celebrity Duets, she can always “sing” in court, ehem, “for the first time.”

Meanwhile, more and more juicy items about Manny and Krista are coming out in print despite a “threat” by the Ranillos to also file charges against the “offending” media.

An unsolicited advice for Mat: Remind Krista to stay as far from Manny as she can especially when they are in public to prevent them from adding fire to the rumor. And if they, well, “can’t help it,” the two should at least keep things under wraps.


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