Noynoy Aquino continue to top the polls

>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

Noynoy continue to lead the polls which is a proof in the pudding that he is what the Filipinos today are hoping for to bring change to the ever sinking country. They believe that the main reason for their povery is corruption and Noynoy is obviously has been proven to be not what corruption is.

Emil Jurado's attack on Noynoy's integrity is misleading and confusing especially we know that the country is great turmoil not to mention facing extreme hardships mainly due to corruptions of highly qualified and experienced government officials (kuno) today and even in the past who were even said to have excellent record and expertice but only to fail us over and over again.

 He said:

What this country needs is a President with enough experience and know-how. The challenges we face are daunting.

Certainly, anybody who claims he is “clean” is not good enough.

As I have been saying all along, the presidency is not a training ground for someone whose only qualification is that he is the son of famous parents.

Integrity is not enough. Our problems are too enormous and we need the leadership of somebody with experience and expertise.
But the opinion of Butch Abad came out to be more convincing:
Aquino’s campaign manager Butch Abad said Noynoy’s popularity is based on people’s perception of his integrity, which people equate to having a government with less corruption and more resources for their economic needs should he succeed as president.

They expect this perception to be sustained through the May elections.

“It’s not just the perception of integrity of Noynoy that endears him to the people, but also their awareness that curbing corruption means more basic services for them,” Abad said in a telephone interview with The STAR.

Abad said voters began prioritizing the integrity of presidential aspirants after the death of Noynoy’s mother, former President Corazon Aquino.

“Before the death of President Cory (Aquino) and the entry of Noynoy (in the presidential race), integrity was always below in the order of priorities of voters. They had wanted a provider. But the death of President Cory made people realize that they now want a leader who is clean and not corrupt,” Abad said.
People will decide as long as they use their own good judgment and not allow themselves to be swayed back and forth. In other words, never ever to sell their votes and then regret the outcome later.


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