Teodoro, Villar unsure about going after Arroyo if elected president

>> Friday, January 29, 2010

ABS-CBN reports:

Of the 8 contenders who participated in the ANC presidential youth forum held in De La Salle University in Manila, only Teodoro and Villar gave passive replies on whether they would hold Arroyo responsible for all her alleged misdeeds during her 9 years in office.
Teodoro is the administration’s candidate while Villar, who has allied himself with the opposition, is the standard-bearer of Nacionalista Party (NP).
Not a surprise at all because we know well that Teodoro is the Arroyo administration candidate and that Villar, apparently a coward leader, won’t perhaps face anything that has nothing to do with his business and wealth - and I can’t imagine how he will lead a country that has sank years ago from sever corruptions starting from the Marcos administration. Aquino stressed the need for “closure” on many issues and scandals that caused the people to loose confidence in our government. All the others said they would actively go after the outgoing president, who may face a deluge of cases--from corruption to human rights violations--when her term ends on June 30.


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