BIR to tax CNN hero Peñaflorida

>> Saturday, February 6, 2010

BIR plans to tax CNN hero Peñaflorida and it’s not a joke. ABS-CBN reports:

Peñaflorida, a social worker whose "kariton classroom" captured the world's imagination, earlier revealed that he would be paying as much as 30% of his $100,000 cash award from CNN to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
He said 60% of the prize money would go to his company, Dynamic Teen Company, while the remaining 10% would go to his church.
Peñaflorida earlier said he planned to use 90% of the money to expand his school-on-wheels project and build a permanent structure, where he can teach street kids some basic skills.
The BIR's plan to tax Peñaflorida recently caught the ire of senatorial candidate Alexander "Pinoy" Lacson who described it as a "bad joke."

This is an example of how our government treats our poor in my opinion. Wala na ngang naibibigay, gusto pa yatang makihati. Kahit na hindi ito matuloy, the fact that they had such intentions is very disappointing. I hope and pray to God that this plan will not materialize.


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