Dockers' Pajama Jeans more for comfort than style

>> Monday, February 8, 2010

This is the kind of pants, particularly for jeans, that I am looking for. I want comfort more than style and it's finally here.

New York,: New Yorkers are stretching in delight with a new clothing hybrid that looks like jeans but feels like pajamas.
Appropriately named, Pajama Jeans are the result of cotton and spandex mixed with a gray jersey lining and come in five sizes, available for $39.95.

"I think it's a great idea - I don't know why I didn't think of it," the New York Daily News quoted Sherrie Graddic, 45, who lives near the Flatiron District and works in marketing, as saying.
Student Steffi Regoutz, 22, from Vienna, Austria, also said: "Yes, I would wear them in the airplane when you're flying for like 10 hours. They may be okay in the office, but only if you could hide them under the table."
Sandra Markus, a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the design department, added: "These days, pajamas are just casual wear, with the whole yoga influence. And jeans ... they are ubiquitous. They are totally accepted, so why not as pajamas? [DNA]


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