Todai Buffet for lunch

>> Sunday, February 7, 2010

We love Japanese food and we used to go to this place a lot but after a while, we felt we needed a little break away from it so we stopped coming here for almost two years. And now we've decided to be back to see if there are any changes in the menu. Well, everything is the same except for the price that have gotten up a little bit. But what can you have here for lunch at $15.95 and dinner/weekend at $26.95? A lot! But I won't be able to show much in this post because cameras were not allowed in the buffet area. They only can allow you to take pictures of what you have on your table which is not a lot because we only picked and choose what we’d like for our lunch. What we had on our table is about 1/3 only of what they serve here. The place inside is very large and they have 6 buffet sections for sushi, salad, main dish, soup, and dessert. See photos on next page.


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