A vote for Villar is a vote for Gloria Macapagal

>> Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Most of the reader's comments I see all over the internet involving the coming election were against Villar so where then did his rise in surveys come from? One reader's comment caught my attention:

Come to think of it, di kaya si Gloria, Ebdane (DPWH secretary during the C-5 Scam) and Villar made money out of Villar C-5 scam? Ebdane is rumored to be the owner of Potipot island in Zambales for P100M price. Where did he got the money? from Villar C-5 kaya?

Villar is the secret presidential candidate of Gloria Macapagal. She is smart to know kaya di nya itinaas ang kamay ni Gibo during Lakas proclamation cuz Villar is her man for President.

Vote for Villar is a vote for Gloria Macapagal!
I have the same suspicion because I've never heard Villar oppose Arroyo.


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