Gov. Vi - example of an ideal and fearless leader

>> Sunday, March 7, 2010

Governor Vi is a very good example of what an incorrupt leader could do to implement the law and give justice to the poor and the nature.

First, she listened to scientists and lake community leaders who were alarmed by the slow death of a vital resource and the muddy taste of some lake-caught fish. Then Recto took charge, devoting government funds and key personnel and staking her own reputation on what was not initially a popular undertaking.

Thousands living in several lakeside towns were dependent on the fish-cage industry for their livelihoods. Fish cage owners fueled a thriving web of local government corruption. Moreover, some raised the specter of hunger if fish cages were reduced. Much of the tilapia and bangus supply in Metro Manila come from Taal Lake.

“We had been waiting for a long time for the government to look after our problems and support our cause," said Milagros Chavez, chair of the Kilusan ng Maliliit na Mga Mangingisda sa Lawa ng Taal (KMMLT), a Taal Lake people’s organization. Chavez added that only Recto showed any political will.

“If you have good intentions, you won’t be afraid (to implement the law)," Recto told GMANews.TV in an interview. “My intentions are clear. In the first place, they (fish cages) are illegal, that’s why you have to remove them even if you don’t want to."

She revealed that pressure was coming from businessmen and their political patrons to go slow on her cage dismantling campaign.

“What can I do? Maybe they cannot appreciate it now. But if they see how beautiful the lake has become again - there was no fish kill this year, fish catches were abundant - they will appreciate it later on," Recto said.
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