Kris Aquino apologized and so should Annabelle Rama

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For their reactions, Annabelle Rama and Raymond Gutierrez have said hurtful words to Kris Aquino as well, and Annabelle was totally out of line for involving Noynoy Aquino on the issue. Now that Kris Aquino has humbled down and apologized to both Ruffa and Annabelle Rama, only an apology coming from the Gutierrez family to Noynoy Aquino especially, will close this issue.

Here is what I think of this: Kris Aquino is tactless and that’s a given. She’s born with the gift of gab and is perfect to host any talk show. She is fearless, bold, articulate, and intelligent. But she is also sensitive and quick to ask for forgiveness once she realizes that she has crossed the line and has hurt someone. Kris tells us as it is – because she’s honest and straight forward. Hence, the title Queen of All Media. On the other hand, Ruffa, who is gentle, sensitive, and emotional, is also as smart and makes a lot of sense in her comments but a no match to gabbers like Kris and Boy. What she needs is not a talk show like The Buzz but a beauty show where she can show her own expertise. But then when is Ruffa going to be independent? When can she learn to fly on her own? Has she ever tried thinking on her own without Annabelle dictating everything to her? But then I also understand that it must be hard to have a mother like Annabelle who wouldn’t let her children go and grow up.

I’ve seen so many talk shows and some of them are really brutal. In case you have not seen one, a talk show in the US called “The View” is a very good example. The four women hosting the show chats, discuss, and argue with each other and sometimes I wonder if this or that host will still show up the next day. But off air, they all claim that they have camaraderie and hangs out together as friends. To them, the talk show is just a job that they have to do well.


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