Kris Aquino tactless but not a bad person

>> Monday, March 8, 2010

For those who are as tackless as Kris, you will understand Kris better. But one thing why Kris' attitude is always forgiven is her quickness to ask for forgiveness, humbling herself right after she realizes she's hurt someone and that is admirable. On the other hand, it's in Ruffa's nature to be gentle and harmless but she should never allow herself to be intimidated by Kris because anywhere she'll go in showbiz, there will always be someone with Kris-like attitude. But I've watched every episode of The Buzz and I can tell that Ruffa do make a lot of sense in her comments. She's not dumb. She's not stupid either. She just know how to carry herself well at all time.

If I may borrow some comments from MADER BIBS:

Anonymous wrote:
I admire you Kris for taking the initiative to clear out the issues between you and Ruffa. I hope this would end the misunderstanding.

Tiana wrote:
I admire Kris' humility. For me, there was nothing wrong with what she said. And yet because some people were displeased (or should I say making a big deal out of nothing just to create controversy hoping that it would work to their advantage), Kris went out of her way to say sorry. Call her maarte, tactless, etc. but for me, Kris is one of the sincerest, most admirable, generous and professional people from the entertainment industry. God bless you and your family, Kris! We love you!

Cheska wrote:
This is in reply to the one who made a comment regarding the alleged "deliberate alienation" ni Kris kay Ruffa sa the Buzz. POV is a segment specially designed for free exchange of views and opinions. If you think Kris made Ruffa look dumb, that's your opinion. But it's not Kris' fault. It is Ruffa's own look-out to keep up with Kris' wit. Look at Boy. "Nagbabarahan" din sila ni Kris if that's how you call it. But professional and intelligent as he is, Boy is able to keep up with her. The problem with Ruffa is she just can't. She still has so much to learn esp when it comes to hosting a talkshow. Likewise, the problem with Pinoys is that we can't seem to accept a person's frankness. We always take things personally. We can't discuss issues without feeling as if they're directed against us. Lastly, I wish people will take this issue in a mature and professional way. There really is no issue to begin with. People are just overreacting to something and for what reason - gimmick? politics? only the ones concerned know. God bless everyone.

Kris Aquino's Statement Tonight
>> Monday, March 8, 2010

I had dinner with Noy tonight after his tv commercial shoot.
He told me di raw ba pwede na may quiet Sunday kami?
And he asked why sya nadamay when he's not even part of the Buzz
I would like to extend a loving hug to Ruffa.
I viewed the tape and although I still feel I gave my comment with affection.
Maybe it made her feel even worse because she's moving in a new direction.
We had what I believed was a good working relationship in the almost 2 years we were together on the Buzz.
I can also understand why Ruffa's mom dislikes Noynoy and my family.
Maybe because of association and our vocal proclamation of admiration for Dingdong.
And his selfless contribution to help Noy's presidential bid.
It is with Ruffa that I enjoyed a healthy working relationship with.
And I only have good words to say about her.
To Ruffa, I sincerely apologize for causing you hurt.
My brother Noynoy would like to add that we live in a democracy.
One where we are very free to make our own choice for president.
This text came from my sister Pinky : Tomorrow is Women's day.
And March is women's month. Fyi, it was mom who passed laws making this possible.
(Proclamation No. 224 and 227, both signed in March 1988).
And RA 6949 (signed April 1990 - declares March 8 as National Women's Day.
We celebrate women who triumphed despite odds and need to look at ways to further improve.
That's why I want Ruffa to have a great career ahead of her because she is a woman.
Raising two beautiful daughters, and I champion all women who triumph despite the odds.
Just like my own mom.
Noy told me in any election, we'll have our share of supporters and harshest critics.
And if you can't take the heat, then politics isn't for you.
As a woman, and as Ruffa's mom and the lola of Lorin and Venice, I respect you Tita Anabelle.
And on behalf of our family, I apologize for the distress we caused yours.
Hindi po ako mayabang, kaya ako nagpapakumbaba ngayon.
On a last note, I promised Noy that if he does WIN, and I'm a cause of stress for him and his presidency..
I will gladly take my two boys to live anywhere there's TFC.
So that I can continue to work but with our Overseas Filipino brothers and sisters.
Of course Noy said - dinner daw yun - hindi teleserye ko.
I love my family and I'm so grateful to have such a supportive and grounded brother and sisters,
Who have learned to love me for what I am.


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