What parents can learn from a 7-Year-Old 911 Hero

>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

This terrifying and at the same time heart-warming news can give all parents something to learn and teach their children in times of danger. Sometimes, parents doesn't realize that children can learn if properly trained. This boy is a good example and I congratulate the parents of this boy for such a job well done.

His panicked voice was heartbreaking. But the 7-year-old California boy hailed as a hero for calling 911 while gunmen tore through his house showed poise and quick thinking well beyond his years.

The gunmen are still on the loose, but parents and experts are now using the call for help made by the boy only known as Carlos as an example of why children should be taught from an early age to call 911.

"Can you come really fast, hurry up," he pleaded with dispatcher Monique Patino, later adding, "and bring soldiers too."

Police say Carlos was also able to give them some good leads on the suspects.

[Via ABC News]


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