Attacks on Noynoy backfires on Villar, cluelessTamano against NP’s black propagandas

>> Friday, April 30, 2010

MANILA, Philippines—Unburdening himself for the first time, Nacionalista Party senatorial candidate Adel Tamano said there were “misguided people” in his party “enjoying” the black propaganda meant to smear the name of Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, chief rival of NP standard-bearer Sen. Manuel Villar for the presidency.

“The [recent] survey result showed that negative campaigning has backfired on the Nacionalista Party,” Tamano, one of the NP’s two spokespersons, told the Inquirer by phone on Friday.

“I’m in pain ... the negative campaign is backfiring and hurting our candidate,” he added.

“I don’t know for a fact if there is a dirty tricks department in our camp but I am not naïve. Different political parties do [have a black ops department]. Even if you don’t have any moral issues about it [black propaganda], is it effective?” he pointed out.

This is the first time that a senatorial candidate from the NP has criticized the perceived black propaganda used in forwarding the candidacy of Villar.

Text messages circulated on Thursday that Tamano and fellow senatorial candidate Susan “Toots” Ople were thinking of quitting the NP after a supposed falling out with other party spokesperson, Gilbert Remulla, and NP secretary general, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano.

Ople denied the rumor while Tamano said he had no plans of resigning.

“I am not resigning because if I do, the misguided people in our party and the [misguided] supporters would continue to enjoy the black propaganda,” he told the Inquirer.

[Source: Inquirer]


On Noynoy's fake reports, Villar cannot be president if he cannot discern between truth and falsehood

>> Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are you nuts?
By Juan Mercado
Philippine Daily Inquirer

SUDDENLY, THE NACIONALISTA PARTY seems like the outpatient department of an insane asylum ablaze. Chaos erupted after its second bogus “psychiatric report” about presidential candidate Benigno Aquino blew in their faces.

The decent but clueless NP spokesman Adel Tamano sputtered as he called for a “return to principled campaign debates.” His appeal came as a Manny Villar volunteer usurped Adel’s functions to launch “Improvised Explosive Device 2.”

IED 1 exploded three weeks back when the NP shoved into news desks a forged Ateneo psychology department report on Aquino. None of the major dailies fell for it. ABS-CBN checked it out. Both Ateneo and Fr. Carmelo Caluag said it was sham. “It was the first public denial of a salacious document masquerading as fact,” ABS-CBN’s Maria Ressa wrote.

Villar backer Guido Delgado uncorked IED 2 at a press conference
. “It’s not for me to verify it,” Delgado said without blinking. “Check it out yourselves… I did not also believe the report.”

Really? Then, why did he hurriedly call for a press conference? A faceless messenger toted it in a brown bag to a conveniently waiting Delgado.

“People might think that the document, should it turn out to be a fake, came from the Villar camp,” Delgado muttered. He obliged by unzipping an unchecked document—which Malacañang promptly welcomed. All candidates should undergo psychiatric tests, a Palace spokesman intoned.

That smear embeds the “Villaroyo” tag further.

When is one certifiably nuts?

One is bonkers when he can no longer discern between truth and falsehood. Or when one confuses what is right with what is wrong. Like a drunk, a mad man is awe-inspiring since he has lost all inhibitions, F. Scott Fiztgerald once marveled.

Does that description fit Delgado & Co.? That’s not the Adel Tamano we know. Should he quit his NP spokesman’s role, no one would blame Tamano. Speaking for a nuthouse isn’t for the faint of heart.

To quench the raging insmania (a cross between the words “insane” and “mania”), the Inquirer and other media cross-checked. “The essence of journalism is the discipline of verification.”

“An unverified ‘psychiatric evaluation’ allegedly signed by me in 1979 about the mental condition of Sen. Benigno C. Aquino III is currently circulating in the news,” the eminent Jesuit psychologist Fr. Jaime Bulatao wrote. “I categorically deny having written and signed that report.”

Ateneo called the report a “fabricated document.”

“We strongly condemn these repeated attempts to use the Ateneo psychology department for black propaganda,” it said in a statement

Will IED 3, maybe IED4, be lobbed in the homestretch of the May 10 polls? Don’t rule that out. Philippine elections often drive otherwise sober people nuts.

The crass attempts by politicians to manipulate media make urgent a review of the basic principles that underpin our craft. Here are excerpts from the “Statement of Shared Purpose” drafted under Pew Foundation after 20 forums:

“Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth.

“Democracy depends on citizens having reliable, accurate facts put in a meaningful context. Even in a world of expanding voices, accuracy is the foundation upon which everything else is built—context, interpretation, comment, criticism, analysis and debate. The truth, over time, emerges from this forum.

“Journalism’s first loyalty is to citizens.

“News organizations answer to many constituencies like shareholders. Journalists must maintain allegiance to citizens and the larger public interest.

“Journalism’s essence is a discipline of verification.

Seeking out multiple witnesses or asking various sides for comment signal such standards. This discipline separates journalism from propaganda, entertainment, etc. Journalism must develop a system for testing the reliability of journalistic interpretation. Journalists must maintain an independence from those they cover.

“Independence is the cornerstone of reliability. Independence of spirit and mind, rather than neutrality, is the principle journalists must keep in focus. The source of their credibility is still their accuracy, intellectual fairness and ability to inform.

“Journalism must serve as an independent monitor of power.

“An independent press is a rampart against despotism. Our courts have affirmed it. Citizens rely on it. Journalists must protect this watchdog freedom by not demeaning it in frivolous use or commercial gain.

“Journalism must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise.

“Public discussion serves society best when it is informed by facts rather than prejudice. It should fairly represent varied viewpoints and interests and place them in context. We must not neglect the common ground where problem solving occurs.

“Journalism must strive to make the significant interesting and relevant.

“Journalism is storytelling with a purpose. It must strive to make the significant interesting and relevant. A journalism overwhelmed by trivia and false significance ultimately engenders a trivial society.

“Journalists must exercise their personal conscience.

“Every journalist must have a personal sense of ethics and responsibility—a moral compass. News organizations do well to nurture this independence by encouraging individuals to speak their minds. It is this diversity of minds and voices, not just numbers, that matters.”

We don’t always measure up to these standards. “But the trying,” Flora Lewis of the New York Times once said, “is the holy grail of our craft.”

(E-mail:” juanlmercado@gmail.com)


Charice’s performance at a gay club clarified

MANILA, Philippines – Charice's talent manager, Marc Johnson, has defended his ward from criticisms that surfaced following the 17-year-old singer's performance at a gay bar in New York City.

In an e-mail sent to abs-cbnNEWS.com, Johnson stressed that it's important for Charice to perform at the city's major clubs, including Club 57, to promote her current single "Pyramid."

"Club 57 is a major NYC dance club and it is important that Charice makes appearances to support the dance community and help promote her single," Johnson said.

In her every performance, Johnson said his team always makes sure that security is tight.

According to him, security measures include Charice entering the venue immediately before her performance and leaving the place promptly after her singing.

"Charice’s handlers were fully prepared with maximum security. The crowd loved Charice’s performance and will be sure to spread the word. It’s normal for pop artists like Charice to make club appearances in major venues," Johnson added.

Charice is currently here to take a short break before flying back to the United States for the launching of her album on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Her first international album will be launched on May 11, a day after her 18th birthday.
[Source: ABS-CBN News]


Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon reunites but not in film

Mainit ang pagtanggap ng mga taga-Tingloy Is., Batangas kahapon, April 26 sa mga kandidato ng Liberal Party na pinamumunuan ni Governor Vilma Santos-Recto. Napuno ng tao ang covered court ng munisipyo kung saan ginanap ang proclamation rally. Kasama ni Gov. Vi sa pangangampanya sa nasabing isla ay sina Vice Governor Mark Leviste at ang actor na si Christopher "Boyet" de Leon, na tumatakbo sa posisyon na Board Member.

Sa bandang dulo ng programa, hindi rin naiwasan ni Boyet na pagbigyan ang request ng mga tao na kumanta siya. Hindi naman binigo ni Boyet ang hiling at pinaunlakan pa niya ng dalawang kanta. Ang isa ay "Sinasamba Kita," ang theme song ng pelikula ni Vilma kasama si Lorna Tolentino. Ang ikalawa naman ay ang masayang kantang "Sway". Sandaling napaindak pa sa pag-Cha-Cha si Gov Vi nang kunin ni Boyet ang kamay nito para sabayan ang kanta.

Nakapanayam ng Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) si Boyet pagkatapos ng proclamation rally. Sa ikalawang distrito ng Batangas tumatakbo si Boyet. Sa Lobo, Batangas siya may roots at naninirahan naman sa Mabini.

"So far, so good. Six towns and one city," Boyet excitedly told PEP. "Ito (Tingloy) yung pinakahuling town na binisita ko. I took the opportunity to visit this town with Governor Vilma. I will be staying here until tomorrow.

Ang munisipalidad ng Tingloy ay nararating sa pamamagitan ng bangka. Halos isang oras ang ibinabiyahe para makarating sa naturang munisipyo magmula sa Mabini, Batangas.

"I have been going around the different barangays of San Luis, San Pascual, Bauan, Mabini, and especially Lobo. I also have the most important area, yung Batangas City. These are all coastal towns. Plus there are islands here like Balahibong Manok, Verde Islands, Bunete, Sombrero Island and this one, Tingloy," Boyet said.

Kuwento pa ni Boyet, suportado siya ng kanyang pamilya sa kanyang pangangampanya.

"Yesterday (April 25), the whole family was here. Lotlot was here. Ian was here. My wife [Sandy Andolong]. My sister Melissa. Nag-motorcade kami along the main thoroughfare ng Mabini at Bauan. We're going to have another one in San Pascual to Batangas City. They're all supportive and they had fun. Nakita mo naman ang reception ng tao. People love us here. Napapagod ka pero when you see all the smiling faces that people love you, na-li-lift yung spirit mo," Boyet said.

Nasabi ni Governor Vilma sa proclamation rally na kung sakaling manalo si Boyet, ibibigay niya ang tourism and environment committee ng Batangas.

Boyet accepted the challenge, "I am so happy, and if given the opportunity, it's going to be fun and, at the same time, hard. Ang priority ko talaga is yung environment. Halos lahat ng campaign sorties lahat sa tabing dagat and I enjoyed it so much."
Sabi naman ni Boyet na masaya siya kasama si Governor Vilma Santos sa iisang partido. Noong 2007 elections, lumaban si Boyet sa pagka-vice governor under Partido ng Masang Pilipino ng dating Pangulong Joseph Estrada.

"Yung pagkakataon na nasa LP ngayon si Governor, siguro naman mas maluwag na sa damdamin ko na sumama talaga. And if ever given the opportunity, maiba naman ang lahat at gusto ko din ng pagbabago. We need a different scene and perspective," pagtatapos ni Boyet.

By Paul Mata/Philippine Entertainment Portal


Angel Locsin graces FHM-Philippines cover for May 2010

Angel Locsin has the sultry, sexy, and exotic look with no effort on her part. She's a natural beauty, with or without make-up.

PEP writes: Angel Locsin's last FHM-Philippines cover appearance took place five years ago. The morena actress has been a constant feature in the leading men's magazine, especially during its annual Sexiest Women in the Philippines deliberations by fans and loyal readers.

Angel appeared on the cover three times—October 2003, March 2005, and October 2005—and won the Sexiest Women list in 2004.  Since then she has figured prominently in the ranking despite the emergence of sexy newcomers every year.

Moreover, the 25-year-old actress was included in the 25 Sexiest Women of the Decade roster last month to celebrate the magazine's 10th year anniversary.

That said, it's only fitting that Angel makes a stellar comeback on FHM for the month of May.

While her previous appearances were nothing short of eye candy for the male readers, her return clearly captures a woman comfortable in her own skin. Angel didn't mind wearing two-piece bikinis for the photo shoot to announce her newfound confidence.

"Hindi pa rin naman ako yung 'Yes, I'm sexy' pero ngayon, mas naa-appreciate ko na yung sarili ko. Mas comfortable na ako as a woman. Ang kapal pa rin naman ng mukha ko kung [sasabihin ko na] 'I'm sexy.' Hindi ganun yung personality ko. I can act sexy but I will never claim that I'm sexy. Ang tao ang magsasabi nun. Sila ang bahala roon," Angel said in the accompanying article.

Angel also candidly talked about her "addiction" to online gaming, communicating with fans via social networking tools, and of course the status of her relationship with vocal admirer Efren Peñaflorida and ex-flame Luis Manzano.

"Lahat ng babae may hinahanap. Basically, lahat napupunta sa honesty. Dapat honest kasi ang dami mong puwedeng sabihin na 'dapat ganito, dapat ganyan' pero kung hindi naman honest sa 'yo yung tao, wala. Hindi rin magwo-work," she said.

Learn more about Angel Locsin in the May issue of FHM-Philippines, now available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide.

[Source: PEP]


For the undecided voters, this might help enlighten you

Oscar P. Lagman, Jr. writes:

Villar had said in a televised forum that he is not going to lift a finger to prevent people from filing criminal charges against GMA. I inferred from that somewhat taciturn statement that he will not lift a finger either to file criminal charges against GMA.

Whether his family was really very poor or just not well off when he was a boy is no issue to me. Having been an advertising practitioner, I can tolerate the liberties taken in the production of his commercials.

While I found generally convincing Villar’s speech refuting Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s charges regarding the C-5 Road Extension, certain assertions he made raised questions in my mind. I had expected Enrile to ask the same questions, but Villar’s refusal to be interpellated left those questions unanswered. They continue to nag me.

But what cast a bigger doubt on Villar’s integrity is then Makati Representative Joker Arroyo’s speech in the House of Representatives in 1998 when he accused Villar of using his influence as member of Congress to get government institutions to extend financial accommodations to his companies. Arroyo contended that that was in violation of constitutional provisions. That is why I have difficulty accepting his claim that if he just wanted to enrich himself, he would have stayed in business. His net worth has been ballooning since he was elected to Congress.

I see Noynoy Aquino as the best person who can arrest the worsening situation. For one he has vowed to stop corruption. I believe him. In his 12 years in Congress he has not evinced the imperiousness and wiliness of a trapo. His detractors say he is not deep. I agree. That means he is incapable of Marcosian and GMA machinations.

Noynoy as First Son did not indulge in the luxuries of the presidential palace as the other presidential children Gloria Macapagal, Imee and Bongbong Marcos, and Jinggoy and Jude Estrada did, and which Mikey and Dato Arroyo are shamelessly doing. Neither did First Son Noynoy arrogate unto himself presidential prerogatives and privileges like Imee, Bongbong, and Jinggoy did and Mikey is brazenly doing.

I do not belong to the Noynoy camp. I do not know him personally. I was with a civil society group that was born of the "Hello Garci" controversy. I have gone my own way since the start of the campaign season. I attack Villar and the other candidates, but I am not an attack dog as columnists critical of Villar are branded. Columnists supportive of Villar never grant that those critical of him are as motivated by love of country as they are when they savage Noynoy. I do not attack on the command of anybody like attack dogs do. I follow only the command of my conscience, and my conscience tells me to vote for Noynoy Aquino.

Read full post here which includes analyses of the rest of the presidentiables.

Excerpts from: The person who gets my vote
To Take A Stand -- By Oscar P. Lagman, Jr.


Four possible reasons why Villar's recent survey is 5 percent down

Villar loses supporters causing his survey to go 5 percent down and Remulla blames it on Aquino and Estrada. Ow wetaminit! I think there are four main reasons for the most recent fall of Villar's survey.
Here we go:

First - it was Remulla who secretly met with Ampatuan and not Aquino nor Estrada. His visit strengthened the secret alliance called Villarroyo;

Second - Aquino and Estrada did not invent the C-5 controversy; no one believed his "we were dirt-poor” story; and most importantly, he continued to refuse to answer all his other corruption issues;

Third - was it Aquino and Estrada's idea to have a Nanay Curing presscon? A lot of people felt embarrassed or were simply turned off by the drama;

Fourth – people just can’t connect Aquino and the fake medical reports (distributed by Villar’s group) because the descriptions were obviously fabricated and were so un-Aquino. The fact that Villar’s group kept on trying to make the fake reports real is so stupid and people tend to believe that it’s Villar who is probably the one with mental issue here for insisting. I believe these fake reports made the undecided voter to decide in favor of Noynoy causing his survey to go up again.

So, Noynoy is right in saying that it's all Villar's fault that his surveys keep going down.

NP spokesperson and senatorial bet Gilbert Remulla said their voters “have shifted to the undecided."
The recent survey showed that Villar’s overall ratings dropped by five percentage points. He was tied with Estrada, whose voting preference picked up by two percentage points, at the top two with 20 percentage points each.
Remulla said they are doing all they can to win their voters back.
“The past few weeks we have seen intensified black propaganda and vicious attacks from both the Erap and Aquino camps," he said in a text message, referring to former President Joseph “Erap" Estrada of Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino and Senator Benigno “Noynoy" Aquino III of Liberal Party.
Villar’s critics had questioned the validity of his “poor origins" claim. The senator was also accused of using his influence and pressuring Philippine Stock Exchange officials to advance his business interests.
Remulla added that Pulse Asia surveys have never been kind to Villar, “from what we believe is due to its ownership structure." He did not elaborate.
Well, there’s really nothing to elaborate. It’s actually as simple as that people were enlightened and therefore decided on Noynoy’s favor.

[GMA News.TV]

“Corruption is a product of a criminal mind as caused by some mental issues.”


New Pulse Asia survey: Aquino 2 percent up, Villar 5 percent down

The race to the presidency has taken a new twist as former President Joseph Estrada caught up with Sen. Manuel Villar Jr., who both ranked second in the latest survey conducted by Pulse Asia this month.

Estrada’s voting preference picked up 2 percentage points, while Villar’s rating fell by 5 percentage points — giving them a score of 20 percentage points each.

Sen. Benigno Aquino III of the Liberal Party maintained his lead at 39 percent, 2 percent higher than the survey Pulse Asia conducted last March.

Administration bet Gilberto Teodoro Jr. maintained his score of 7 percent, while religious leader Eddie Villanueva gained a point to score 3 percent. Sen. Richard Gordon’s rating remained at 2 percent.

Gordon has assailed pre-election surveys, describing them as tending "to create a bandwagon effect on the voters and effectively strips off voters of their right to select their candidates based on their platform and credentials." [See: Gordon sues SWS, Pulse Asia over election-related surveys]

In the latest Pulse Asia survey, those who received 1 percentage point or less were disqualified bet Vetellano Acosta (1 percent), Nicanor Perlas (0.3 percent), Olongapo City Councilor John Carlos de los Reyes (0.2 percent), and Sen. Jamby Madrigal (0.1 percent). Ironically, Acosta posted a higher score than the qualified bets.
Binay highest gainer

As Estrada’s rating soared, so did that of his running mate, Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay, who zoomed past erstwhile second placer Sen. Loren Legarda.

Binay gained nine points to score 28 percent, while Legarda lost three points and scored 20 percent.

Days before the survey was conducted, Sen. Francis Escudero announced he was endorsing Aquino and Binay, instead of Legarda, his former party-mate at the Nationalist People’s Coalition. [See: No problem with Escudero endorsing Noynoy-Binay, LP bets say]

Sen. Manuel Roxas II remained on top with 37 percentage points, although the rating was six points lower than his previous score.

Former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chair Bayani Fernando and television personality Edu Manzano got 3 percent each, while former Securities and Exchange Commission chair Perfecto Yasay Jr. got 1 percent, former broadcaster Jay Sonza got 0.3 percent, and Ang Kapatiran’s Dominador Chipeco Jr. got 0.05 percent.
Nine percent of the respondents gave no answer or were undecided.

Pulse Asia conducted the survey from April 23 to 25 on 1,800 respondents. The pre-election poll had a ± 2 percent error margin.

Pulse Asia’s latest survey is different from the newest survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations, where Aquino scored 38 percent, Villar posted 26 percent, and Estrada ranked third with 17 percent. [see: Noynoy gets 2-digit lead in new SWS survey] — LBG/RSJ, GMANews.TV


Another possible plunder charge against Manny Villar.

>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Villar firms illegally secured P4.5-B loan from BSP, party-list group claims.

One of Nacionalista Party standard bearer Senator Manuel Villar Jr.’s companies secured a P4.5-billion loan from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas under highly irregular terms, officials of a party-list group allied with the Liberal Party claimed Thursday.

At a press conference in Quezon City, Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros said the Villar-owned Capitol Bank separately secured four loans amounting P4.5 billion from the BSP in 1998, despite some seemingly unmet loan requirements.

Hontiveros said that under the new Central Bank Act, which Villar himself authored, BSP loans should be secured by "government securities to the extent of their applicable loan values and other encumbered first class collateral."

But there were no securities made and some of the lots made as collateral were found to cover cliffs and timberland considered public domain, said Hontiveros, who is seeking a Senate seat under the Liberal Party.

Villar's camp refused to comment accusation, which came less than two weeks before the May 10 polls. But it said they have yet to get enough information on the matter.

"I have not been informed yet of the details of the alleged exposé," lawyer Naren Rosero-Galang, Villar's counsel, said in a text message to GMANews.TV.

At the same press conference, Akbayan legal counsel Ibarra Gutierrez III said the collateral were of 'dubious validity' and that the BSP should have taken more careful steps in allowing the loans.

"These loans never reached the level of the Monetary Board," said Hontiveros, pointing out that under the law, all BSP loans should be approved by the Monetary Board.

Gutierrez said they will file before the Ombudsman a motion to investigate the case for possible plunder charge against Villar. — with Amita Legaspi/RSJ/LBG, GMANews.TV


How to vote on May 10, 2010 - step by step


Reaction on Villar's mother Nanay Curing and her presscon drama

Kung sinuman ang nakaisip na mag-press conference ang nanay ni Villar ay dapat sibakin kaagad.

Hindi nakatulong ang mga sinabi ni Nanay Curing na bulag na ngayon. Dapat tahimik na lang siya. Dapat alam niya na walang iginagalang ang pulitika. Hindi siya dapat magdamdam sa maraming masasakit na salita na sinasabi sa anak niyang si Sen. Manny Villar na may ambisyong maging pangulo.

Sa salitang kalye, “paawa effect” ang labas ng press conference. Ang problema, wala namang naawa. Bagkus, ilan ang nagalit kay Villar dahil pati sariling ina ay kinaladkad sa pulitika.

Natatandaan ko noong malapit ng masibak si Heherson “Sonny” Alvarez bilang Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources. Inikot ng kanyang ina halos lahat ng diyaryo.

Nagtrabaho rin ang asawa niyang si Cecile Guidote. Pero sa bandang huli, sibak din sa puwesto si Alvarez.

Sa tingin ko, lalo lang nagalit si GMA sa ginawang paawa effect ng asawa at ina ni Sonny. Kaya tinuluyang sibakin.

Marami ang lumabas na hindi maganda sa press conference ni Nanay Curing Bamba, ina ni Manny Villar. Una, sa dami ng kayamanan ng anak na senador, bakit sa BF Homes lang nakatira si Nanay Curing?

Dapat kung doon man, malaki ang bahay at lote. Hindi katulad ng tinitirhan niya ngayon.

Ano ang ibig sabihin nito tungkol sa pagkatao ni Villar? Ang ibig sabihin, halos pabayaan niya ang ina at kapatid sa kabila ng laki ng kanyang kayamanan na ang iba ay hindi raw sa malinis na paraan nakuha.

Hindi luluha ang mga taong nakinig sa sinabi ni Nanay Curing. Hindi rin kakampi sa anak niya ang nakinig dahil sa awa sa kanya.

Alam ng lahat na marumi ang pulitika sa bansang Pilipinas. Kung tapunan ka ng putik, gumanti ka na lang. Huwag kang magmakaawa. Ang mga botante ay walang awa sa sinumang kandidato bagaman may napili na silang iboboto.

Ang basehan ay ang palagay na kakayahan. Hindi awa na idinaing ng isang ina.

Kung awa ang pag-uusapan ‘di lalong kawawa si Noynoy Aquino. Pinatay ang ama noong panahon ng Martial Law ni Ferdinand Marcos.

Naging pangulo ang ina dahil nga sa ginawang pagpatay sa asawa. Ibinalik ang demokrasya pero ganun pa rin ang hirap na pinapasan ng Pilipino.

Namatay si Cory sa cancer. Pagkatapos, parang hiniling ng bayan na ipagpatuloy ng anak, si Noynoy, ang misyon ng magulang.

Magandang katwiran iyan para iboto si Noynoy.

Pero kung hagulhol ng ina ni Villar ang gagamitin para dumami ang boto ng anak, palagay ko hindi mangyayari. Walang dahilan para maawa ang mga botante kay Villar dahil sa pagluha ng kanyang ina.

Lahat ng ina ay nagmamahal sa anak. Pero iba ang takbo ng isip ng mga botante. Hindi naman sila anak ni Aling Curing. Bakit sila boboto kay Manny Villar dahil lamang sa pagtangis ng ina sa ginawang pang-aapi sa anak, kung inaapi nga?

Nagalit pa si Nanay Curing sa ilang taga-media, kasama ang kolumnista naming si Arnold Clavio.
Dapat patunayan na lamang ng kampo ni Villar na sinu­ngaling si Arnold. Hindi ginawa. Kaya baka tumalab sa isip ng tao ang sinabi niya.

Katwiran ba iyan para magalit kay Arnold at mga kasama na bumatikos kay Villar? Palagay ko hindi.

Bilyon na ang nagastos ni Villar sa ads sa TV at radio. Pero hindi dahilan iyan para kampihan siya ng mga TV at radio station. Iba ang hanapbuhay ng mga stations na iyan kaysa tungkulin ng mga nagtatrabaho sa media.

Iyon lang, hindi pa naintindihan ng mga tao ni Villar. Hindi sila marunong mag-isip. Nasa kawali na ang kanilang amo, itinalon pa sa apoy sa press conference ni Nanay Curina Bamba, butihing ina ni Manny.


More on Villar's mom: Erap Estrada: Villar 'desperate' for using own mom; citizens reacts too


Angel Locsin prefers men

Star Pinay Angel

Siguro, sa ganda ni Angel, kahit pa totoong tomboy siya, eh pag-aagawan pa rin siya ng mga lalaki.
Naaliw si Angel Locsin sa panunukso namin na tomboy na tomboy ang dating niya, dahil na rin sa pagkahilig niya sa mga pambarakong sasakyan. At ngayon nga, sasakyan pa rin ang motif ng kanyang bar na Fuel Up.

Tukso nga namin kay Angel, lumabas ang pagiging tomboy niya sa mga hilig niya.

Anyway, inamin ni Angel na gusto niyang matsismis na tomboy siya. Bago raw kasi `yon sa pandinig niya, na hindi nga tulad ng mga tsismis sa kanya sa iba’t ibang lalaki, na paulit-ulilt na lang.

Pero, ipinagdiinan ni Angel na hindi siya tomboy. Mahilig lang daw siya talaga sa mga sasakyan.

Aminado rin siyang may mga hinahangaan siyang magagandang aktres, pero never daw siyang nagkagusto sa kanila. At ang pagkakaroon niya ng mga boyfriends ay pagpapatunay lang daw na tunay siyang babae.

Sey pa ng aktres, huwag daw sanang masasaktan ang mga lesbians, pero ang type raw talaga niya ay mga lalake at hindi mga tomboy.

[Rey Pumaloy/Abante]


Enrile vouches for Noynoy Aquino as not mental, said Villar could be the one

An unlikely defender of the LP candidate was Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. Enrile is seeking reelection under former President Joseph Estrada’s Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP).

“Even if I’m from the PMP, let’s be fair with one another. I don’t think you can consider Noynoy mentally deficient, otherwise he would have shown that in his work as a senator of the country,” he said.

Enrile turned the tables on Aquino’s principal accuser, saying Villar could be the one suffering from a “physical problem.”

“Perhaps, he has atherosclerosis (building up of plaque in the arteries) because he’s been spending a lot of money yet more and more issues have been floating against him. And his ratings are going down. Of course, you will be stressed,” the PMP senatorial candidate said.

Last week, Estrada and Enrile presented documents purportedly showing that Villar had pressured the Securities and Exchange Commission and Philippine Stock Exchange officials into releasing the lock-up shares of his family’s Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc.

The public offering raised some P26 billion, P5 billion of which Villar is now using to fund his campaign, Enrile said. Villar has denied any wrongdoing.



Escudero: They can't find any other issue against Noynoy

Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero Wednesday dismissed the allegations that Aquino was mentally unfit to become President.

Escudero said that the second purported psychological exam on Aquino was just part of the mudslinging and character assassination that happen during the election period.

“Maybe they no longer have any other issue against Noynoy. That’s why they’re using this issue. But Noynoy has already addressed it and there is no longer any need to explain this again,” Escudero said in an interview.

He said Aquino could answer all the allegations because these were not true.

Escudero said that in the years that he had worked with Aquino, the senator did not show any disturbing behavior that would have raised concerns about his mental health.

“I would not be helping him and would not have endorsed him if these allegations were true,” he added.



Noynoy is a smarter politician than Villar

“There’s really no more sense, rhyme or reason. We could have talked about our platforms, if they have one. Maybe they don’t,” Aquino said.

Aquino said his critics might have learned their dirty tricks from Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

“He was the one who said something like ‘A lie repeated often enough might be [believed by] some [as the] truth,’” he said.

He said his political opponents were coming up with black propaganda “to create doubt [about his mental fitness] but I have faith in the public.”

Aquino said he never had Bulatao as a professor at Ateneo.



Gordon still didn't get it

In the Inquirer today:

Where there is smoke, there is fire, said presidential candidate Richard Gordon when sought for comment on Wednesday about the second psychiatric evaluation of Aquino. Gordon said: “Why does it (the question on Aquino’s mental state) keep coming back?”

Hello! Gordon has a problem. He can't figure this out. I'll tell you why. It keeps coming back because they are not successful in destroying Noynoy the first time the first fake document was distributed by Villar’s camp. You see, Villar’s money is no longer effective because people believes that he will get them all back through corruption once he becomes president. Therefore, they will keep on coming back with perhaps more fake documents until all fed up Noynoy files legal action. Get it?


Noynoy Aquino is thinking lawsuit against those behind fake documents

Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III on Wednesday said he is not taking lightly the fake documents purportedly about his mental state that are being circulated, adding that those behind the fabricated psychiatric test results could be sued.

But Aquino said filing legal suits against those behind the fake documents is not his priority at the moment, even as he slammed the falsifiers for being driven by "malicious intent."

"Dalawang beses na at parehong-pareho ito, at sabi natin may malicious intent na (It has happened twice, both were very similar, and we’re saying there is certainly malicious intent)," Aquino said. "Open sila for legal action (They are liable to legal action)."

Source: GMANews.TV


Accused of severe corruption, Manny Villar says he can stop corruption

Once a corrupt, always a corrupt. So, can a corrupt leader stop corruptions? Wetaminit! Something is wrong here. Villar is saying he's the only one who can stop corruption? What the ....!! I guess since he is already an expert, once he becomes president (God forbid) he will learn more about how not get caught. People, I hope you watch The Correspondent by Karen Davila (April 27, 2010) but I must warn you, baka masuka rin kayo.

Villar himself was accused of committing corrupt practices by his political opponents, the very recent of which was his alleged use of influence to earn billions from an illegal stock deal in 2007. He was also slapped with an ethics complaint in the Senate for allegedly earning from a government road extension project in southern Metro Manila in 2008.

Villar, a self-made billionaire, said he had answered all the allegations against him.

During the “Kandidato" interview, Villar boasted he is the only presidential candidate who can stop corruption in the government.


Sandra Bullocks filed for a divorce but a happy and proud mom - see photo

He's a cutie!

Everybody is happy for Sandra Bullocks because she is taking care of her life, herself, and her future. I’m glad she’s divorcing her soon-to-be ex-husband and she also has adopted a very cute 3-month old baby boy. Sandra has been my favorite celebrity since I saw her movie Speed and While You Were Sleeping. I have not missed any of her movies after that. I was terribly saddened by what has happened to her marriage but who needs a man like her ex-man. Eh?


In public, Sandra Bullock has been through the best and worst of times this year – from winning her first Oscar to enduring the breakup of her marriage. In private, she was quietly keeping a joyful secret – his name is Louis, and he is her newborn son.

"He's just perfect, I can't even describe him any other way," Bullock reveals exclusively in the new issue of PEOPLE, announcing that she is the proud mother of Louis Bardo Bullock, a 3½-month-old boy, born in New Orleans. "It's like he's always been a part of our lives."

Bullock, 45, and husband Jesse James, 41, began the adoption process four years ago and brought Louis home in January but decided to keep the news to themselves until after the Oscars. Their close friends and family – including James's children Sunny, 6, Jesse Jr., 12, and Chandler, 15 – were essential in keeping the adoption a secret.

Then, just 10 days after the March 7 Oscars, Bullock and James separated following reports James had cheated. Bullock says she is now finalizing the adoption as a single parent.


Malacañang is showing interest in Noynoy's mental issue as a secret support to desperate Villar

>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I do think too that Villar is being supported secretly by Arroyo whether he admits it or not. Arroyo is insinuating that Noynoy has a mental issue and needs to disclose it if he wants to be president. But Arroyo and Villar needs to seek psychiatric help themselves for insisting a bogus report to be true. But thanks to both of them because this bogus report will once again cause Noynoy's survey to go up even more. Nagkakarambolan na kasi dahil malapit na malapit na ang election. I think Arroyo is getting uncomfortable knowing Villar won't make it. She knows fully well that Noynoy will go after her if elected. Anyway, in my opinion, mas mukhang baliw si Arroyo at Villar kasi mga corrupt. Anyone who does corruptions has corrupt minds and therefore has mental issues. Therefore, Noynoy has nothing to prove, but I think Villar and Arroyo has and should also undergo a lie detector test.


The Crass Political Drama of Manny Villar Using his Mother & Sisters - Pedestrian Observer

I stumbled upon this interesting commentary from Pedestrian Observer while searching for more news on Villar's now famous Nanay Curing and his shocking sisters and would like to repost here in case you have not read it.

The Crass Political Drama of Manny Villar Using his Mother & Sisters
By Pedestrian Observer

You can amass all the wealth in this world but one thing that will not go on sale or money can't buy is..... CLASS.

As Manny Villar's poll numbers continue to slide down the specter of the inevitability of a losing presidential bid with the election just days away, the camp of the moneyed one is now showing signs of desperation.

What are they thinking or are they capable of thinking this through truly baffles pangits errr pundits, but then again when one is so used to getting away with almost anything it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Instead of gaining sympathy from undecided voters for Manny Villar that was the point of this praise errr “press conference” it has turned into a debacle of sorts that is more akin to a bonus circus freak side show in the Philippine presidential election.

Whose idea was it anyway to thrust Manny Villar’s 86 years old mother Curita “Nanay Curing” Villar into the center stage with his sisters Gloria, Lourdes, Cecille and Vicky into a supporting role? This is worse than a tear jerker soap opera and this was supposed to be news?

Crass, that is what it is and the lowest of the low for Manny Villar to exploit his mother’s old age shoving her into the limelight when she should enjoy her old age in peace and quiet away from the muck of dirty politics that the Philippines has been known all along.

It is bad enough that they have to resort to this cheap sympathy getting trick that went so wrong on all levels when Gloria one of the sister showed anger management problem like a juvenile brat ranting against Noynoy Aquino and the media. That was an ugly sight alright, this early the Villars has shown the public what to expect in case their brother wins….. Malacanang will be turned into a corrupt-poration errrr I meant a repetition of the past Gloria Arroyo’s governance by eruption.

Mistake, big mistake to exploit an 86 years old woman in a press conference at that is courting disaster. Whoever coached Nanay Curing did not do a good job when it sounded like she is lamenting their being poor thus no one wants to believe her "good" son. Someone probably forgot to tell Nanay Curing that Manny is now a billionaire many times over and in the prestigious Forbes list, therefore using the poor versus rich mantra is not going to work. Someone forgot to tell her that her son also earned the “Brown Taipan” moniker (not that it is a good thing because that means he amassed his fortune just like the Lusu Tans using their connections but just the same a washed with moolah) which again makes it silly to exploit the class warfare propaganda of the left as it only makes it painfully laughable and coming from an old woman is really sad. Fer crying out loud, Noynoy Aquino is a poor man if we go by his SALN compared to Villar’s fortune and perhaps as rich if not richer than Noynoy’s uncle Danding Cojoangco.

That cheap stunt really smacks of amateurism so let me offer some unsolicited advice to Manny Villar and his handlers. It is a bad idea to exploit Manny Villar’s mother in a press conference because it is difficult for viewers to even understand what she is saying. Had they done this as an infomercial where everything is scripted they might have pulled it off among the gullible public. The second problem is the war prick errr freak stance of the sisters as if it is not a turn off already really makes no sense because for one their brother had all the opportunity in the world to refute all the allegations instead of just dismissing it as a black propaganda, or walking out of the probe or plainly acting like a weasel. How the sisters project themselves in public at that in that manner only exposed their lack of good breeding. Villar should have instead “convinced” Joker Arroyo to take a 360 degree (ooops wait that’s going around in circle, but I guess that is just how it is in Philippine politics going around in circle arriving nowhere, lol), errr retraction in his earlier accusation against then candidate for Speaker of the House of ill refute errr Congress. Oh wait scrap that, Joker Arroyo will probably not make a joke of himself even though he is named like one, but then again Joker the flip flopper will not be credible anymore.

Bizarre indeed, I guess Manny Villar is not happy with the hakot errr crowd he gets from Willie Revillame's Kembot Girls (Girls shaking their booty), now he thinks doing a soap opera drama with his Mother and his Sisters as the cast of characters will get him the sympathy is so pathetic. Poor taste to put it mildly but definitely has the palengkera appeal, but the problem is he is aiming for the highest position in the land and crassness is not something we look forward to coming from his family. We have been pummeled so bad with Gloria Arroyo's arrogance and her Marie Antoinette ways, now we have the opposite but still undesirable for their uncouth unrefined behavior.

If Manny villar thinks he can win this election exploiting his mother’s old age appeal and showing his sisters anger management problem to the viewing public then he is dead wrong. Whoever is the genius responsible for this cheap trick ought to be fired, but then again if that was the handiwork of a cheap operator which I suspect it is, then they got what they paid for, lol.

So what happens if by any stroke of miracle no, not of the biblical proportion but of the Comelec kind that heaven forbid Manny Villar wins the presidency? Will the "future" president ran to his mother and the four Marias for help and tell on us for our equal opportunity trapo bashing? What if there is an international dispute like lets say the US of A, are we going to see Nanay Curing crying asking why Barack Obama does not believe him? How about the sisters, will they attack the American media and treat it as a personal affront why they only show their bother errr brother in passing?

Now, I can't blame those who says that they can't trust a presidential wannabe who hides under the skirt of their mother and sisters...... but then again that is the typical nature of weasels that has a tendency to do just that instead of facing the issues head on. If its any consolation to the handlers of Villar that tearjerker episode makes some people cry, no not in sympathy but crying at how they exploited the old woman for the sake of a desperate presidential aspirant. What is even sad is that people like my FaceBook friend Anne de Brux of Manila Baywatch is reminded and likened the episode to the disgusting tele-novela of Freddie Aguilar's sister lying for his road rage killer suspect son Jason Ivler.


Remulla admitted meeting with Ampatuan, will there be justice for the victims if Villar wins?

Remulla won't say the reason he met with Ampatuan but his action is a confirmation that there will be secrets like this under Villar's administration(God forbid)if he wins. These are the people that should undergo psychiatric evaluation.

In press briefing, Aquino described a “a figment of their imagination” Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano's claim that the NP would still be able to cut down Aquino’s 12 percentage point lead over Villar through the latter’s political machinery and the support of groups that practice block voting.

Aquino then asked if the NP meant it was getting command votes from the Ampatuans in Maguindanao especially after NP senatorial candidate Gilbert Remulla admitted to meeting the Maguindanao Gov. Andal Ampatuan Sr.

“Command votes in Maguindanao among other places? Their candidate has admitted to meeting with Andal Sr. I think again, this is a figment of their imagination,” Aquino said in a mix of Filipino and English.

Aquino said that Remulla might have admitted to meeting with the Ampatuan patriarch because his visit to Andal Sr. in Davao was recorded in a logbook.


Sarah Geronimo supports Noynoy before the price tag?

Now a Villar supporter after the price tag?


Another fake medical report was distributed from Villar's camp will again help Noynoy increase in surveys

The new bogus mental health report is obviously another desperate move from Villar's camp because:
- it was unverified, baseless, invented, unsupported, and was distributed from Villar's camp;
- it has no return address and sender unknown;
- it was announced from Villar's camp by a Villar's volunteer;
- the person being described in the report is so un-Aquino.
- the signature on the report by Fr. Bulatao had no contact with Noynoy nor have seen and treated Noynoy in the past.

Gido Delgado (the one who distributed the report) is obviously lying; and since there is no source, no address, and no way to find out who the report came from, could it be that it is Delgado who concocted this report? I say keep analyzing.

But anyway, thanks to Delgado in a way for helping Noynoy because, like in the past, fake reports drew more people to Noynoy, thus raising his surveys even more.

A new version of a report on Senator Benigno Aquino III's mental health, released on Tuesday by a supporter of Nacionalista Party (NP) presidential bet Sen. Manny Villar, is also fake.

Jesuit priest Jaime Bulatao, who supposedly signed the report, denied writing or signing such a report.

The second fake report on Aquino's mental health was distributed at a press conference by former National Power Corp. President Guido Delgado.

"It has come to my attention that an unverified 'psychiatric evaluation' allegedly signed by me in 1979 about the mental condition of Senator Benigno C. Aquino III is currently circulating in the news. I categorically deny having written and signed that report," Bulatao said in the statement he signed at 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

Bulatao founded the Ateneo de Manila University's Department of Psychology and the Central Guidance Bureau of Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) in 1961. He was also the president of the Psychological Association of the Philippines from 1979 to 1981.

Delgado, a supporter of Nacionalista Party (NP) bet Senator Manuel Villar Jr., distributed copies of the report on Tuesday morning but he stressed that he did not verify it.

“It is the media’s role to confirm its veracity,” he said in a press conference.

Delgado said his co-volunteer in the Villar camp received the Bulatao-signed second report in a packet last weekend. It had no return address.


Erap Estrada: Villar 'desperate' for using own mom; citizens reacts too

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

MANILA, Philippines - Former president Joseph Estrada on Tuesday branded as an "act of desperation" Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Manny Villar's move to use his own mother to defend himself from allegations that he is corrupt.

Estrada, who is running for re-election under the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino banner, said he purposely shielded his mother, Doña Mary Ejercito, from all negative reports about him during his impeachment trial in December 2000.

"It happened  to me also during the impeachment. In fact, ang ginawa ko at ng mga kapatid ko,wag pakita sa mama ko yung tv. Kakaunti na lang panahon niya? Bakit ko sasaktan kalooban ng nanay ko? Bakit bibigyan ng sama ng loob," he said in a ANC "Headstart" interview.

He added: "In my opinion, it's a desperate move, parang desperado. Bakit pati magulang mo isasama mo? Dadagdagan mo pa ng sama ng loob yung magulang mo eh ang tanda na. Kasama na sa departure area."

Estrada's mother passed away at the age of 103 last January 13, 2009.

On Monday, Villar' 86-year-old mother, Curita, faced the media for the first time to defend her son from her critics.

Nanay Curing Villar, as she is fondly called, said she felt helpless after hearing reports that her son is being accused of being corrupt. "Umiiyak lang ako sa sama ng loob. Tutulo na lang bigla ang luha ko,” she said.

She said Villar is a good, honest man who wants nothing more than to serve the poor. Their own poverty fueled Villar’s passion to help the poor, she said.

Villar's sisters, Baby Villar-Benedicto and Vicky Devenagracia, also lashed out at ABS-CBN News and GMA 7 for allegedly being biased against the NP bet, whose ratings have dropped in the most recent surveys of Pulse Asia and Social Weather Stations.

'Nothing personal vs Villar'

For his part, Estrada said he has nothing personal against Villar despite the latter's role in elevating the impeachment case against the then-president to the Senate. Villar was former Speaker of the House of Representatives during the impeachment of President Estrada.

Estrada said he has already forgiven Villar for the act but added that he had a duty to tell the people the truth about the former House Speaker and Senate President.

Estrada and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile have accused Villar of using his influence to pressure members of the Philippine Stock Exchange Board board so he can illegally profit from the public listing of his company's shares in 2007.  Villar has denied the accusation.

"I don't have the intention of mudslinging any of my opponents but as a former president and as a citizen, I have to inform the public about what's really behind all these candidates," he said.

Estrada also branded former Securities and Exchange Commission Perfecto Yasay Jr. a liar for saying that Estrada ordered him to stop the investigation on the Best World Resources stock manipulation scandal. He said that instead of stopping the investigation, he actually told Yasay to expedite it.

Willing to lose

The former president, meanwhile, said he has made great gains in the presidential race as shown by recent pre-election surveys. He said his own survey showed that he has overtaken Villar for 2nd place and is only 10 percentage points behind frontrunner Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III of the Liberal Party.

During the interview, Estrada also said that he is willing to accept a loss from Aquino or Villar in the May 10 polls.

“Why not? Vox populi, vox dei. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Kaya nga galit ang Diyos sa atin,” he said, adding that the voice of the majority was not heard when he was illegally ousted during EDSA II.

Estrada declined to answer when asked who he would endorse if he had not decided to run for president. He confessed, however, that he admires Lakas-Kampi Christian Muslim Democrats candidate Gilbet Teodoro for being articulate and intelligent and for his experiences as a former congressman and defense secretary.

He also said he has decided to change his campaign color to tangerine after a dispute with Villar over the use of the color orange for the campaign. Asked what was different between the colors tangerine and orange, he replied: "Different ang spelling."   With reports from Maria Althea Teves, abs-cbnNEWS.com/Newsbreak; and Cherry Anne M. Mungcal, abs-cbnNEWS.com Halalan Volunteer


Remulla’s visit to Ampatuan draws suspicions

Gilbert Remulla, a senate candidate under Villar’s and the spokesperson of the Nacionalista party, admitted visiting Ampatuan but won’t divulge his reasons for the visit which is making people very suspicious. We recall that because of the Ampatuans and their cohorts, according to the witnesses, 57 were dead. So, why visit and socialize with him? It is still believed that the Ampatuans are still very powerful in Mindanao, believed to have manipulated the votes in the past elections that made Arroyo a sure winner. Is Remulla seeking the same for Villar? If so, shame on you! It's totally wrong and I pray that you lose this election.

RJAB Jr of GMA News has more:
Nacionalista Party spokesman and senatorial candidate Gilbert Remulla admitted on Monday he visited former Maguindanao governor Andal Ampatuan Sr. last month to settle matters pertaining to his safety and security.

However, he vehemently denied seeking the endorsement of the influential Ampatuan clan, members of whom are accused of masterminding and/or participating in the killing 57 people, including journalists and women in November last year.

“(The supposed meeting) was of personal concern and not political, safety and security concern which I have to deal with directly and squarely," he told GMANews.TV over the phone.

Remulla assured that his advocacy for the safety of journalists and stopping the killings of media practitioners is stronger than ever.

“I have not wavered in my commitment to protect journalists. I condemn the Maguindanao killing and I wish for swift justice for the victims. I weep for the families of the victims," he said.

He reiterated that he really had to settle matters that’s why he decided to visit the Ampatuans.

“The visit has nothing to do with politics," he said.

The Ampatuans were also accused of manipulating votes in the province in the past elections.

In the meantime, fellow NP spokesperson and senatorial candidate Adel Tamano said Remulla did the right thing in admitting the visit and clarifying the party had nothing to do with it.

"He (Remulla) should make it very clear that it (visit) was without the sanction from the NP. From the very start, we have said that the Ampatuans are creations of GMA [President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo] so any talk or endorsement from the Ampatuans is really a support from GMA," he said.

Tamano, who is from Mindanao, said the NP "would never stand or allow solicitation of support from the Ampatuans."

Many people in Mindanao have told him to talk with the Ampatuans for support in the May polls "pero hindi ko ginagawa dahil wala akong maihaharap na mukha sa publiko pag ganun."

(But I didn’t do that because I wouldn’t be able to face the public if I did that.)

The Ampatuans were accused of maneuvering the votes in the province in the past elections which allegedly benefited administration candidates.

At the same time, Remulla denied that there was tension between him and Tamano.

"It was just an exchange of statements," he said.

Tamano expressed the same sentiments, adding he was satisfied with the clarification made by Remulla.

Meanwhile, NP standard bearer Manuel Villar Jr. said he knew nothing about the meeting.

"Hindi naman ako asawa ni Gilbert para pagpaalaman niya. Mabuti pa si Gilbert ang tanungin nyo dyan," Villar told reporters at the sidelines of a presidential forum organized by religious groups in Araneta Coliseum.

(I'm not Gilbert's spouse so it's not for him to ask my permission. It's better you ask him yourself.)

Villar had earlier denied any links with the Ampatuans. - RJAB Jr., GMANews.TV


Kris Aquino in demand to campaign

SAN MIGUEL, Bulacan, Philippines—Ballsy Aquino-Cruz said the Aquino family has asked youngest sister, Kris Aquino-Yap, to take a leave of absence from her daily television soap so she could join the campaign rallies of their brother, Senator Benigno Aquino III, in the last two weeks of the campaign.

They asked Kris if it would be possible that her character in the television drama "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" could be "killed" but she said this was not possible.

Instead, Ballsy said, Kris told them that her character would meet an accident and would be hospitalized, requiring lighter taping schedules that would allow her to join the stumps around the country.

Ballsy said they wanted Kris on the campaign trail because people always look for her.

"Kung dati every other day lang makapag-campaign si Kris, ngayon po after ng palabas sa teleserye niya na maaksidente… at mawawala muna siya pansamantala sa palabas, magiging madalas o araw-araw na po siya makapag-campaign for Noynoy (It used to be that Kris would join the campaign every other day. Now, after the episode in her TV soap, where she would meet an accident and would be hospitalized, is shown, she will be able to campaign for Noynoy frequently or every day)," she said.

Ballsy, who was here on Friday on the invitation of the Kababaihang Barangay ng San Miguel, said she and her siblings were already used to questions from people asking about Kris' whereabouts.

She said with Kris' full calendar, she could not grant all requests for appearances in various campaign-related events.

More here.


Gov. Vilma Santos puts hope on Noynoy Aquino


Christian Bautista endorses Noynoy Aquino


Ogie Alcasid endorses Noynoy Aquino


Hacienda Luisita farmers speaks up


Charice sings ala Lady Gaga

Notice also how much her English has improved, slowly but surely acquiring the American accent.


Noynoy Aquino's Facebook fan site was shut down

>> Sunday, April 25, 2010

MANILA, Philippines - The camp of Liberal Party standard-bearer Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III was forced to shut down the candidate's official Facebook Fan Page after hackers gained illegal access to Aquino's Facebook account and started unsubscribing the LP bet's online supporters.

A thread on Aquino's LP bet's Facebook page on Sunday said: "Our Official Facebook Fan Page has been hacked, and supporters are maliciously being unsubscribed by the hacker. We are temporarily shutting it down. Rest assured our admins are working 24/7 to restore it to normal operations."

The thread has garnered close to 3,000 comments more than 11 hours after it was posted. Some of the comments from Aquino's more than 1.3 million supporters said the incident will not deter support for the LP bet.

Others, however, said the hacking incident could be a ploy by Aquino's camp to gain sympathy for the presidential frontrunner.

The hacking incident is the latest twist in the runup to the May 10 presidential election, which is being contested by a total of nine candidates.


Kris Aquino launches her official website


The 26th Star Awards for Movies by Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) big winner: In My Life – see complete list

Big winner is In My Life. Here is the complete list:

MOVIE ACTOR OF THE YEAR: John Lloyd Cruz (In My Life)
MOVIE ACTRESS OF THE YEAR: Vilma Santos (In My Life)
MOVIE OF THE YEAR: In My Life (Star Cinema)
MOVIE DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR: Olivia Lamasan (In My Life)
DIGITAL MOVIE SCREENPLAY OF THE YEAR: Jerry Gracio (Astig)MOVIE ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY OF THE YEAR: Raymond Lee, Olivia Lamasan and Senedy Que (In My Life)
NEW MOVIE ACTOR OF THE YEAR: Romalito Mallari (Dinig Sana Kita)NEW MOVIE ACTRESS OF THE YEAR: Barbie Forteza (Puntod)
MOVIE CHILD PERFORMERS OF THE YEAR: Mica dela Cruz (T2) and JP Mesde (Tulak)
DIGITAL MOVIE EDITOR OF THE YEAR: Charliebebs Gohetia (Astig)MOVIE EDITOR OF THE YEAR: Theresa Vanessa de Leon (Kimmy Dora)
DIGITAL MOVIE SOUND ENGINEER OF THE YEAR: Ronald de Asis and Mark Locsin (Dinig sana Kita)MOVIE SOUND ENGINEER OF THE YEAR: Ditoy Aguila (Ang Panday)


9.2 million Homosexuals expected to vote for Noynoy Aquino

Ang Ladlad party-list prefers a clean candidate in the person of Noynoy Aquino whom they have branded the “Mr. Clean in Philippine politics.”

Controversial party-list Ang Ladlad, an organization for LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals), has thrown its support behind Noynoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay in the coming May 2010 elections.

In a press conference yesterday, April 22, at Annabel's Restaurant in Quezon City, Danton Remoto, Ang Ladlad party-list chairperson, said the decision was made by the whole party. He termed their choices, "Noybi: The Heart of Noy, The Hands of Binay."

Remoto told the press that Ang Ladlad chose Sen. Noynoy Aquino for President because he shows the cleanest reputation among other candidates. "Doon na po kami sa reputasying malinis. Si Noynoy Aquino po ang 'Mr.Clean' of Philippine politics. Walang bahid, walang mantsa. Hindi mo na kailangang magkuskos at magkula pa.

"Sa palagay po nami'y hindi ipapahiya ni Noynoy ang mabuting pangalan ng kanyang mga magulang na sina Senador Ninoy at Pangulong Cory. At kung totoo pong politics of change ang hanap natin, aba'y doon na po tayo sa kandidatong walang maitim na ulap sa kanilang reputasyon."

Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, on the other hand, was chosen for his achievements. "Masipag si Mayor Binay, magaling na executive, at may programang konkreto para sa mahihirap.... At ang sabi nga, sa kanila sa Makati, may eskuwelahan, may ospital, may health center, may trabaho—at hindi pa dinededma ang mga senior citizens. May pasine, may pakimkim at cake pa ang mga lolo at lola kapag birthday nila. O, saan ka pa lulugar?"

CAMPAIGN FUNDS. Remoto clarified that Aquino and Binay were chosen because they were the two candidates who readily helped Ang Ladlad with its own campaign.

"Kailangan lang naman namin po ng tulong sa logistics," Remoto said. "Dati po, nagro-RoRo [Roll-on/Roll-off Transportation System] po ang mga nominees namin papunta sa ibang probinsiya para mangampanya... Kawawang-kawawa ang mga bakla!"

Campaign funds given by Aquino and Binay, he added, were used for airplane fare, venue reservations, hotel accomodations, tarpaulins and posters, and other logistics needed by Ang Ladlad for its nationwide campaign.

"Mahal po kasi ang tarpaulin, 80 [pesos] isa. Dati kapag nagpapa-print kami, isandaan lang. Ngayon 1,000, kaya na."

Remoto said the party-list did not choose to endorse Sen. Mar Roxas, Noynoy Aquino's running mate, because he missed out on his promise to help them with their campaign funds.

"Hindi naman po niya kasalanan, nag-sorry na po yung staff niya kahapon. Nag-meeting na po kami noon ng staff niya, pero siguro sa dami ng ginagawa, nakalimutan nila kami," said Remoto.

But he's still friends with Roxas, he added. He also has other supporters from the political sector, and people from the entertainment industry. They include Albay Governor Joey Salceda, Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo, beauty mogul Ricky Reyes, directors Joel Lamangan and Joey Reyes, and talk-show host Boy Abunda.

"Salamat sa suporta nila, nakakaya na namin ang nationwide campaign."

ANG LADLAD PLATFORM. Remoto said he believes Ang Ladlad can sneak in a Representative in Congress. Ang Ladlad has five nominees: Bemz Benedito, Germaine Leonin, Cris Lopera, Naomi Fontanos, and Dexter Macaldo.

"Naka-concentrate kami sa urban centers—Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Metro Davao—kasi marami kaming makukuhang boto doon." Remoto said around 10 percent of the Philippine population, currently pegged at 92 million, are homosexual.

"Ano po ang plataporma ng Ang Ladlad? Pantay na karapatan para sa lahat," he said.

Their platform includes the filing of an Anti-Discrimination Bill, support for micro-finance and livelihood for their constituents, the institution of Golden Gays or a Home for the Aged system, more business opportunities for members of their community, and the removal of the Anti-Vagrancy Law, "na ginagamit ng ilang awtoridad para mangotong sa mga LGBT."

"At nariyan ang limang konkretong programa. Hindi tulad ng ibang mga fake na party-lists na magpa-file na sa Comelec, e wala pang plataporma at programa," Danton Remoto asserted.

(Source: PEP)


An American police officer falls for Pokwang

>> Friday, April 23, 2010

An American police officer is falling for our comedian Pokwang and his name is Ryan Navarro. Everyone is wondering what made the guy attracted to her. Was it her beauty, her wit, her sense of humor, or perhaps Pokwang's sex appeal? Whatever it is, we'll have to find out.

Feeling ni comedienne Pokwang, ang haba-haba ng buhok niya! Kasi  may isang foreigner na nagkagusto sa kanya nang mag-show siya sa U.S. kamakailan, kasama ang ilang co-talents niya sa ABS-CBN Star Magic. Siya ang police officer na si Ryan Navarro.

"Sa show namin sa Dallas, dun kami nagkakilala nang bonggang-bongga after ng show. Nanood siya ng show nung time na naka-duty siya. Natuwa siya siguro sa pinag-aarte ko sa stage, although hindi naman niya naiintindihan. And then after that, may inutusan siya, yung isa sa mga producers namin, nakisuyo siya para manghingi ng autograph sa akin. Tapos binigay niya yung number niya," kuwento ni Pokwang sa PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at iba pang entertainment press sa isang tsikahan last Wednesday, April 21.

After daw nilang magkakilala ay nakipag-date na si Pokwang kay Ryan kinabukasan.

"May free day kami kasi uuwi na kami the next day. Lumabas kami, may dalawang kasama ako from Star Magic. So yun, nag-bonding kami," aniya.

May communication pa rin ba sila ni Ryan?

"Tinatawagan niya ako, tapos nagti-text siya," tila kinikilig pang sabi ng komedyana.

Ano ang mga sinasabi ni Ryan sa kanya?

"Hindi ko maintindihan kasi English, e!" tawa ni Pokwang

Nagpaparamdam na ba si Ryan sa kanya?

"Ay, naku, ini-enjoy ko lang yung mga moment na ganito, yung kinikilig lang. Pero hindi mo alam kung ano talaga yung kalalabasan, di ba?"

May plano ba naman si Ryan na dalawin siya sa Pilipinas?

"Oo. Hinihintay niya lang yung schedule ko. Ayaw niyang sumabay sa trabaho ko. Gusto niya kung kelan ako maluwag, dun siya pupunta rito," sabi ni Pokwang.

Kahit paano ay may nalalaman naman daw si Ryan tungkol sa Pilipinas dahil nagbabasa siya tungkol dito.

"Gusto niyang pumunta sa Corregidor [historical site sa Bataan]," banggit ni Pokwang.

So, sasamahan niya sa Corregidor si Ryan?

"Tingnan natin. Kung wala naman tayong gagawin o ano, why not, di ba?"

So talagang maglalaan siya ng oras para kay Ryan?

"Ay, aarte pa?" tawa  na naman ni Pokwang

POKWANG'S DAUGHTER. May anak na teenager na babae si Pokwang. Ano ang reaksiyon ng anak niya nang malaman nitong may admirer na naman siyang isang foreigner after ng isang Canadian?

"Ay, dumi-dedma siya nang bonggang-bongga. Siyempre, hindi siya natutuwa. Alam mo naman, teenager na, di ba, kaya umaarte nang bonggang-bongga?" [Source: PEP]


Not all roses are red

>> Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh roses, beautiful roses... so many of them are now blooming in our Church's garden in many different colors and they remind me of our beloved Mama Mary.


What makes Britney Spear's body perfect

>> Friday, April 16, 2010

Photoshop, it does your body good! Take a closer look and see the difference.

Daily Mail has more.


Please Gloria

The Bible says: those who live in the dark will never see the light. I believe na ang isang taong binabalutan ng kasuwapangan will never see the light. They go to church announced with photos published so people will see them as good and holy. But there really is what's called karma and this is what will put them in a place that’s right for them and their matching evil deeds... eventually...someday. It usually comes as a surprise and can be unbearable, and it will teach them to be humble. I say these things because of what I’ve read today on the internet about Gloria Arroyo, our supposed to be exiting presidente. Yes, her end is very near and can’t hardly wait too. But, and it’s a big but, but, but, what they’re saying is that she continue to travel and spends like crazy. I’m just saying what they have been saying, and if at all true, then I join everybody in saying, "please Gloria, stop! please leave!" Maawa ka naman sa mga kababayan natin.

Pakiusap kay Gloria: Magtira ka naman ng pera!
(Dindo Matining/Rose Miranda, Abante Online, April 17, 2010)
Dapat tumigil na umano sa kababiyahe sa ibang bansa si Pangulong Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo para may matira naman aniya sa kaban ng bayan sa pagtatapos ng kanyang termino sa Hunyo.

Ayon kay Gabriela partylist Rep. Liza Maza, dapat ipaubaya na ni Pa¬ngulong Arroyo sa susunod na administrasyon ang relasyong panlabas para makatipid naman aniya ang gobyerno sa gastusin.

“Ilang buwan na lang naman ang kanyang terms, mas mabuti siguro kung ipaubaya na niya sa next administration para naman makatipid sa gastos ang bansa,” ani Maza, guest senatorial candidate ng Nacionalista Party (NP).

Sinabi naman ni Anak¬pawis partylist Rep. Joel Maglunsod, sa halip na bumiyahe sa ibang bansa, mas makabubuting ipamahagi na lamang ang perang gagastusin nila sa mga magsasakang nalugi dahil sa pananalasa ng El Niño.

Kung magpapatuloy aniya ang paggastos sa pera ng bayan ng adminis¬trasyon, baka wala aniyang itong mai-turn-over na pondo sa susunod na pangu¬lo ng bansa.

“Baka ni singkong duling wala maiwan si Pangulong Arroyo sa papalit sa kanyang puwesto. Kaya hinay-hinay naman sa paggastos. Stop na sila biyahe,” saad pa nito.

Sa pagbabalik ni Arroyo sa bansa kahapon matapos ang isang linggong foreign trip sa Washington at Spain ay sinalubong ito ng intriga hinggil sa umano’y magarbong hotel stay partikular sa Espanya.

Habang nasa Spain, si Arroyo at ang 49-miyembro ng delegasyon nito ay tumuloy sa first-class hotel na Ritz Hotel sa Madrid kung saan ayon sa website ng hotel, ang room charges nito ay may minimum na 235 euros o P14,241 para sa isang gabi para sa mga business client nito, minimum na 230 euros o P13,938 sa kanilang cassic room, at 310 euros o P18,876 sa de luxe room.


Politics and election sucks

It's election time in the Philippines right now. May 10 is the day to cast votes. I’ve never voted in the Philippines. E kasi naman martial law at that time. Nang ibalik ang demokrasya which opened all doors in politics, nandito na ako sa tate. At that time, wala talaga akong hilig sa politics. Masyadong nakaka-stress ang bangayan at siraan kasama na ang patayan makuha lang ang pinakakamimithing kaban ng bayan. This time, I feel the need to be involved. Kasi it’s really been a long time na wala tayong asenso. Corruptions have gotten worst – evil and worst. No matter what they say that we shouldn’t believe everything we see in the news, I believe those pictures never lie unless doctored. We need to change, and change can only happen if we can vote for someone very honest, incorruptible, and will fight corruptions. I do believe poverty was caused by corruptions.


Villar became a billionaire through deceipt and corruption - part 1

>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

How Villar built business empire with deceit, corruption: ex-lawyer
By Aries Rufo, abs-cbnNEWS.com/Newsbreak

    First in a 3-part series

    MANILA, Philippines - Octogenarian Maxima Policarpio had spent most of her life in the mountains of Norzagaray, a small town in Bulacan, near the foothills of the Sierra Madre. She had hoped to spend the twilight of her life there in peace and quiet, tending a tiny vegetable garden and surrounded by fruit-bearing trees she had planted many years ago.
    Last February, despite her age, she left the comfort of her town and braved Quezon City’s noise, pollution and confusion to join dozens of Norzagaray farmers seeking attention to the imminent loss of their ancestral lands. “I am here to protect my land. I may be old, but I still have rights.”
    “We are up against an influential person,” she said.
    That person is presidential aspirant and billionaire Senator Manuel Villar Jr.
    Represented by a counsel, the farmers detailed how they lost their ancestral lands, in the blink of an eye, to companies connected with Villar.
    They also told of harassment efforts to force them to leave their lands.
    “Before, we would wake up and see all those crops pulled out from the soil. They would do it at night. We were helpless. Some of them were armed. What would you do? We would just put back the plants,” Inocencia Pascual, 67, said.
    The harassment however has stopped as the election season neared. And they knew it is only a respite. “Tapos kami pag nanalo sya (We’re finished if he wins),” Pascual said.

    Contested land
    Court records show that the contested land in Norzagaray is supposedly now the property of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas after it was mortgaged in 2001 by two companies where Villar’s wife, Las Pinas Rep. Cynthia Villar, has a stake.
    The two companies--Capitol Development Bank (now Optimum Development Bank) and Manila Brickworks--defaulted on a P1.5 billion loan it secured from BSP in April 1998 following the financial crisis that hit Asian countries. The money was allegedly spent to finance the House Speakership bid that year of Villar who was then in then a congressman.
    Yet documents gathered by Newsbreak show that the two companies acquired possession of the ancestral lands through fraud and manipulative layering scheme.
    It appears that the Villars brought to life the defunct Manila Brickworks out of nowhere to act as the original owner of the contested land. Fake Transfer Certificates of Titles (TCTs) were produced in connivance with the Malolos Registry of Deeds to show possession of property.
    Court records in Bulacan show that Manila Brickworks was originally owned by Puyat Enterprises and had claimed possession of the property in the 70s. Poultry houses were put up by Puyat Enterprises but abandoned the area after some time.
    After years of inactivity, Manila Brickworks resurfaced in 1998 with new incorporators that interlocked with those of Capitol Development Bank.
    Capitol Bank, which had financial problems attributed to the financial crisis, was eventually closed. In its place, the Villars put up Optimum Development Bank. In June 2001, Optimum signed a deed of real estate mortgage over the questioned property in favor of BSP to secure Capitol and Manila Brickworks’ unpaid loans.
    The conveyance of land titles, coupled with fake ones, from one alleged owner to another creates different layers that were used as an argument to legitimize property acquisition.
    This has been the standard operating procedure of Villar’s lawyers and companies to acquire government and previously awarded lands, according to a lawyer formerly employed by the Nacionalista Party bet.

    Pandora’s box of testimony
    The Norzagaray land case is just one of the many legal cases faced by Villar’s real estate empire, which was spawned by the production and sale of affordable houses.
    Interviews with different sources and documents show his companies have been fending off legal disputes, mostly land grabbing cases, like the Norzagaray case.
    In 2004, Villar hired Atty. Restituto Mendoza to handle problematic raw land cases for Household Development Corp., one of the firms under his real estate empire.
    Mendoza has a pending complaint before the National Labor Relations Commission for illegal dismissal. Named respondents were Villar, his flagship real estate firm Vista Land and Landscapes Inc., Casa Regalia, Adelfa Properties and lawyers and officers of the companies. Newsbreak obtained a copy of the complaint, including other documents.
    In the labor case, Mendoza opened the Pandora’s box of irregularities of Villar’s businesses, practices and ethics. It was a tell-all testimony, bordering on violating the lawyer-client privilege, as he indicted Villar of bribery, corruption, deceit and fraud in rebuilding his empire from bankruptcy.
    The cast of characters was familiar. Among those charged were engineer Anastacio Adriano, who testified at the Senate hearing on the C-5 controversy that he dictated to the Senate Legislative Budget Research and Monitoring Office the P400-million appropriation for the C-5 extension project. (Read: Former exec in Villar firm admits hand in C-5 insertion)
    During the Senate Committee of the Whole hearing on the C5 case, Adriano stated that he has been consultant and political officer of Villar since Aug. 2008. In truth, he has no item at the Senate and holds the position of executive vice president of Adelfa and other posts in Villar companies.
    Also included was Villar’s chief legal officer, Ma. Nalen Rosero-Galang, who has been countering the land grabbing complaints hurled against Villar since the campaign began.
    Mendoza charged Villar on the ground that he is well aware of the shenanigans of his senior officers—from paying off government officials and judges to faking titles—to skirt potential legal issues. Mendoza said Villar is a hands-on manager, supposedly even concerned about where to put trash cans in the firms' subdivisions.
    Newsbreak sought to corroborate Mendoza’s serious allegations, which included duping another land developer, Ayala Land, and an alleged attempt to bribe Customs officials to release an undervalued crane imported by his company, MGS Corp.
    We found some corroborative documents and information to back up Mendoza’s claims.
    Ayala Land, which got questionable titles as dacion and pago in exchange for a P300 million loan has yet to reply to our query as of this posting. Customs officials, on the other hand, provided data of the botched importation.
    Galang, Villar's lawyer, dismissing Mendoza’s stories and narration as “all lies,” Galang said she is “shocked of Mendoza’s allegations.”
    Galang pointed out that Mendoza took five years to come out and expose the unethical practices of Villar’s businesses.
    “I would have wanted to ignore him so as not to dignify his claims,” Galang said in an interview. Besides, she added that Mendoza’s claims would not have been admissible in court since “it violates the lawyer-client relationship.”
    “Actually I pity him, since no one would want to hire him as a lawyer after this,” she added.
    We also sought to interview Mendoza, but he begged off, saying his complaint would suffice. Mendoza was dismissed in May last year and filed his complaint in August.
    Portofino, Imus Estate and C-5 controversy
    Among the raw land controversies he has handled, Mendoza singled out the Portofino and Imus Estate cases in his complaint. Portofino, because it was the first case he handled and the Imus Estate, because it was here that he came to know about the underground schemes that won the cases.
    As for the C-5 controversy, Mendoza provided the missing context in the arrangement between Masaito Development Corp and Adelfa Properties involving a supposed swapping of properties affected by the C5 road extension.
    The Enrile report has found Villar guilty of conflict of interest when he supposedly benefited from the P6.96 billion road project, which traversed through 50-52 hectares of Villar’s property holdings. A public works feasibility study stated that the project was conceived and funded by Villar.
    Based on documents submitted by Mendoza to the NLRC, it was Villar’s Adelfa Properties that initiated the arrangement with Masaito resulting to Adelfa to claim the bulk of expropriation proceeds from the Masaito property. The agreement stated Masaito would only get only P7 million while Adelfa would get the remainder, amounting to P15 million.
    A total of P168.1 million was paid by government for the right of way involving Villar’s properties while only P22 million for non-Villar properties.
    And yet, based on Mendoza’s claims on the Masaito agreement, through careful planning and foresight, Villar even got proceeds from his supposed non-properties.
    Why would Masaito agree to swap properties with Adelfa if it would be paid for the right of way anyway? Was government informed about the swap or was there an attempt to cloak it through internal arrangement?
    A source familiar with the case said that Villar’s senior officers had anticipated the road extension would pass through the Masaito properties. The properties were raw lands at that time and would have commanded low zonal valuation.
    Yet, through connections in the DPWH and the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Masaito property was valued at a staggering P30,000 per square meter, a “unique” situation that Adriano told the Senate since it was the only property that commanded that high price.
    In the Senate probe, former revenue district officer Carmelita Bacod admitted that the valuation was “grossly disadvantageous to the government.”
    The source explained that Masaito knew it would only get a lower zonal valuation and thus, lower payment for its properties, if only government would have it way. Entering into an agreement would be a win-win situation for both Adelfa and Masaito---the former gets portion of the right of way payment without essentially losing with its property while the latter gets the bulk of the proceeds.
    To facilitate the agreement, Masaito and Adelfa signed a memorandum of undertaking (MOU) where they agreed to open a joint bank account at the Landbank where expropriation proceeds would be deposit. Adelfa president Jerry Navarette and Masaito president Joseph Wang would be the joint signatories.
    After the first tranche of P22 million has been deposited, of which P7 million would given to Masaito, Adelfa would assume “sole right” of the remainder of the proceeds, the MOU stated. Navarrete would then be the sole signatory of the Landbank account.
    Mendoza said it was the C5 controversy that shattered his respect to Villar. He recalled that he was the one who drafted the Masaito agreement upon hearing Senator Jamby Madrigal mentioning the company. “Evidently, Senator Villar was not telling the truth when he had been consistently denying in public that he and his companies never received a single centavo from the C-5 road extension project,” Mendoza said.
    In drafting the Masaito-Adelfa agreement, Mendoza said he “unknowingly had been an instrument of corruption in what is now the C5 road scandal.”
    In his Feb. 2 speech before the Senate to rebut the ethics, Villar maintained that he did not financially benefit from the C5 project. “Wala po akong ninakaw sa kaban ng bayan. Wala po akong kasalanan, wala pong anomalya sa C5 project at hindi po ako nakinabang,” Villar said.

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