Accused of severe corruption, Manny Villar says he can stop corruption

>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Once a corrupt, always a corrupt. So, can a corrupt leader stop corruptions? Wetaminit! Something is wrong here. Villar is saying he's the only one who can stop corruption? What the ....!! I guess since he is already an expert, once he becomes president (God forbid) he will learn more about how not get caught. People, I hope you watch The Correspondent by Karen Davila (April 27, 2010) but I must warn you, baka masuka rin kayo.

Villar himself was accused of committing corrupt practices by his political opponents, the very recent of which was his alleged use of influence to earn billions from an illegal stock deal in 2007. He was also slapped with an ethics complaint in the Senate for allegedly earning from a government road extension project in southern Metro Manila in 2008.

Villar, a self-made billionaire, said he had answered all the allegations against him.

During the “Kandidato" interview, Villar boasted he is the only presidential candidate who can stop corruption in the government.


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