Four possible reasons why Villar's recent survey is 5 percent down

>> Thursday, April 29, 2010

Villar loses supporters causing his survey to go 5 percent down and Remulla blames it on Aquino and Estrada. Ow wetaminit! I think there are four main reasons for the most recent fall of Villar's survey.
Here we go:

First - it was Remulla who secretly met with Ampatuan and not Aquino nor Estrada. His visit strengthened the secret alliance called Villarroyo;

Second - Aquino and Estrada did not invent the C-5 controversy; no one believed his "we were dirt-poor” story; and most importantly, he continued to refuse to answer all his other corruption issues;

Third - was it Aquino and Estrada's idea to have a Nanay Curing presscon? A lot of people felt embarrassed or were simply turned off by the drama;

Fourth – people just can’t connect Aquino and the fake medical reports (distributed by Villar’s group) because the descriptions were obviously fabricated and were so un-Aquino. The fact that Villar’s group kept on trying to make the fake reports real is so stupid and people tend to believe that it’s Villar who is probably the one with mental issue here for insisting. I believe these fake reports made the undecided voter to decide in favor of Noynoy causing his survey to go up again.

So, Noynoy is right in saying that it's all Villar's fault that his surveys keep going down.

NP spokesperson and senatorial bet Gilbert Remulla said their voters “have shifted to the undecided."
The recent survey showed that Villar’s overall ratings dropped by five percentage points. He was tied with Estrada, whose voting preference picked up by two percentage points, at the top two with 20 percentage points each.
Remulla said they are doing all they can to win their voters back.
“The past few weeks we have seen intensified black propaganda and vicious attacks from both the Erap and Aquino camps," he said in a text message, referring to former President Joseph “Erap" Estrada of Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino and Senator Benigno “Noynoy" Aquino III of Liberal Party.
Villar’s critics had questioned the validity of his “poor origins" claim. The senator was also accused of using his influence and pressuring Philippine Stock Exchange officials to advance his business interests.
Remulla added that Pulse Asia surveys have never been kind to Villar, “from what we believe is due to its ownership structure." He did not elaborate.
Well, there’s really nothing to elaborate. It’s actually as simple as that people were enlightened and therefore decided on Noynoy’s favor.

[GMA News.TV]

“Corruption is a product of a criminal mind as caused by some mental issues.”


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