Malacañang is showing interest in Noynoy's mental issue as a secret support to desperate Villar

>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I do think too that Villar is being supported secretly by Arroyo whether he admits it or not. Arroyo is insinuating that Noynoy has a mental issue and needs to disclose it if he wants to be president. But Arroyo and Villar needs to seek psychiatric help themselves for insisting a bogus report to be true. But thanks to both of them because this bogus report will once again cause Noynoy's survey to go up even more. Nagkakarambolan na kasi dahil malapit na malapit na ang election. I think Arroyo is getting uncomfortable knowing Villar won't make it. She knows fully well that Noynoy will go after her if elected. Anyway, in my opinion, mas mukhang baliw si Arroyo at Villar kasi mga corrupt. Anyone who does corruptions has corrupt minds and therefore has mental issues. Therefore, Noynoy has nothing to prove, but I think Villar and Arroyo has and should also undergo a lie detector test.


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