Politics and election sucks

>> Friday, April 16, 2010

It's election time in the Philippines right now. May 10 is the day to cast votes. I’ve never voted in the Philippines. E kasi naman martial law at that time. Nang ibalik ang demokrasya which opened all doors in politics, nandito na ako sa tate. At that time, wala talaga akong hilig sa politics. Masyadong nakaka-stress ang bangayan at siraan kasama na ang patayan makuha lang ang pinakakamimithing kaban ng bayan. This time, I feel the need to be involved. Kasi it’s really been a long time na wala tayong asenso. Corruptions have gotten worst – evil and worst. No matter what they say that we shouldn’t believe everything we see in the news, I believe those pictures never lie unless doctored. We need to change, and change can only happen if we can vote for someone very honest, incorruptible, and will fight corruptions. I do believe poverty was caused by corruptions.


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