Remulla’s visit to Ampatuan draws suspicions

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

Gilbert Remulla, a senate candidate under Villar’s and the spokesperson of the Nacionalista party, admitted visiting Ampatuan but won’t divulge his reasons for the visit which is making people very suspicious. We recall that because of the Ampatuans and their cohorts, according to the witnesses, 57 were dead. So, why visit and socialize with him? It is still believed that the Ampatuans are still very powerful in Mindanao, believed to have manipulated the votes in the past elections that made Arroyo a sure winner. Is Remulla seeking the same for Villar? If so, shame on you! It's totally wrong and I pray that you lose this election.

RJAB Jr of GMA News has more:
Nacionalista Party spokesman and senatorial candidate Gilbert Remulla admitted on Monday he visited former Maguindanao governor Andal Ampatuan Sr. last month to settle matters pertaining to his safety and security.

However, he vehemently denied seeking the endorsement of the influential Ampatuan clan, members of whom are accused of masterminding and/or participating in the killing 57 people, including journalists and women in November last year.

“(The supposed meeting) was of personal concern and not political, safety and security concern which I have to deal with directly and squarely," he told GMANews.TV over the phone.

Remulla assured that his advocacy for the safety of journalists and stopping the killings of media practitioners is stronger than ever.

“I have not wavered in my commitment to protect journalists. I condemn the Maguindanao killing and I wish for swift justice for the victims. I weep for the families of the victims," he said.

He reiterated that he really had to settle matters that’s why he decided to visit the Ampatuans.

“The visit has nothing to do with politics," he said.

The Ampatuans were also accused of manipulating votes in the province in the past elections.

In the meantime, fellow NP spokesperson and senatorial candidate Adel Tamano said Remulla did the right thing in admitting the visit and clarifying the party had nothing to do with it.

"He (Remulla) should make it very clear that it (visit) was without the sanction from the NP. From the very start, we have said that the Ampatuans are creations of GMA [President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo] so any talk or endorsement from the Ampatuans is really a support from GMA," he said.

Tamano, who is from Mindanao, said the NP "would never stand or allow solicitation of support from the Ampatuans."

Many people in Mindanao have told him to talk with the Ampatuans for support in the May polls "pero hindi ko ginagawa dahil wala akong maihaharap na mukha sa publiko pag ganun."

(But I didn’t do that because I wouldn’t be able to face the public if I did that.)

The Ampatuans were accused of maneuvering the votes in the province in the past elections which allegedly benefited administration candidates.

At the same time, Remulla denied that there was tension between him and Tamano.

"It was just an exchange of statements," he said.

Tamano expressed the same sentiments, adding he was satisfied with the clarification made by Remulla.

Meanwhile, NP standard bearer Manuel Villar Jr. said he knew nothing about the meeting.

"Hindi naman ako asawa ni Gilbert para pagpaalaman niya. Mabuti pa si Gilbert ang tanungin nyo dyan," Villar told reporters at the sidelines of a presidential forum organized by religious groups in Araneta Coliseum.

(I'm not Gilbert's spouse so it's not for him to ask my permission. It's better you ask him yourself.)

Villar had earlier denied any links with the Ampatuans. - RJAB Jr., GMANews.TV


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