The changes Kris Aquino is making after Noynoy is sworn in

>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Noynoy Aquino and Kris already gave their reactions to the Despedida Party on Facebook, a page set up as a call for Kris Aquino to fulfill her promise to leave the country if Noynoy wins the election. I visited the page and indeed, it has about 22,000 membership, BUT not all who joined are against Kris. A lot of them actually joined to defend Kris. But today, it’s confirmed that Kris will be making big changes that will affect her career, life, and family all for the success of Noynoy.
Ricky Lo, who is one of Kris’ most trusted entertainment journalist writes:
I deliberately made today’s headline somewhat bitin (hanging) so as to jolt Kris-bashers into a false jubilation — I mean, those who are insisting that Kris should keep her pre-election “promise” that she would live abroad (and work with The Filipino Channel) if and when her brother, Sen. Noynoy Aquino, won in the May 10 elections. Well, Noynoy is now called President-apparent because he’s clearly well on his way to Malacañang.

Kris has already explained in a Funfare “scoop” that what she said was if she would be a hindrance to Noynoy’s presidency (kung magiging pabigat siya kay Noynoy), and President-apparent Noynoy has told Kris to stop the kadramahan already and again said recently that Kris has no reason to leave the country since she hasn’t committed a crime against it or against anybody. Period.
But, yes, Kris is, indeed, leaving very soon — not the country but as host of the ABS-CBN talkshow The Buzz (which she co-hosts with Boy Abunda and KC Concepcion) and the late-night showbiz newscast SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon).
As she announced on The Buzz last Sunday, Kris had a lunch meeting yesterday with ABS-CBN big bosses Gabby Lopez, Charo Santos-Concio and Cory Vidanes, and she promptly texted Funfare the following message:
Hi, Tito Ricky. I promised you an update. We had a fruitful meeting with Boss Gabby, Ma’am Charo and Tita Cory. All my sisters (Ballsy, Viel and Pinky) were with me. Effective June 30 when Noy is proclaimed (sworn in) president, I will graciously give up hosting both The Buzz and SNN. It’s a decision I am at peace with because I know that I will lessen Noy’s stress by leaving two shows I love dearly, but could unintentionally be sources of controversy.
I told you that I have my entire being to help my brother win, and now I will continue to give my entire self to help him succeed as president of our country. If that means sacrificing my exposure and income from two shows I am so closely identified with, then that is what being family is all about, putting the good of all above personal interest. Much love to you. Ikaw lang ang ti-next ko.
Sorry, Ruffa (Gutierrez) but you won’t have to order lechon from Cebu for the “despedida” planned for Kris by her Twitter non-fans. And Lolit (Solis), you won’t have to hire a taxi to escort Kris to the airport because even if she’s “leaving,” it won’t be, I repeat, the country by only her two shows on ABS-CBN.
Here’s Kris’ follow-up text message:
Just to make it clear, Tito Ricky, in case I’m misinterpreted, I will continue with (the teleserye) Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo and (the reality-TV) Pilipinas Got Talent. ABS-CBN is now looking at other shows that would be best suited for me after the teleserye ends in August.
Really now, could you imagine how drab and boring and unexciting local showbiz would be without Kris Aquino? Honestly, I could not. So I’m glad that Kris may be “leaving” (her two shows) but she’s, as I’ve been saying, here to stay.


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