Danny Lim: Gloria Arroyo, the single most destructive force in RP

>> Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why vote for Danny Lim? Simple. Read this post why:

“Dissent without action is consent.”

That has always been the principle that has guided Danny Lim: If you believe in something, come out and fight for it.

If Lim had only wanted power and wealth, he would just have toed the line of the government, closed his eyes and followed illegal orders of his commander-in-chief and chances are he would have been one of the three-star generals in command of the Philippine Armed Forces today instead of languishing in detention in Camp Crame.

As Lim wages his senatorial campaign (under the Liberal Party) from his detention cell, he still sees Gloria Arroyo as the “the single most destructive force in RP.”

“The evil she has infused into government has besmirched our institutions and we must go back to the original sin. She cheated in the 2004 elections. She lied. She covered it up and she paid others to lie for and on her behalf,” he said.

Lim expressed confidence that with the change of administration, he would be free to serve the people if he is successful in his senatorial bid.

For the good of our country, vote Danny Lim!
Excerpts from ellen tordesillas


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