President Noynoy Aquino's smiling face issue

>> Monday, August 30, 2010

PNoy’s new Facebook
 profile showed a more
 serious looking Noynoy.
President Noynoy Aquino is being undeservingly insulted and even his smiling face is being misunderstood and criticized. But if you noticed, the smiling face is a natural thing for the Aquinos – from parents to grandchildren. We have to understand that something so natural to a person cannot be changed overnight. I like to see people who are always ready to give a smile but I guess, it’s not for everyone.
Several Chinese nationals had chided Aquino after he was caught on television smiling while being interviewed at the crime scene hours after the hostage-taking.

Aquino, at a press briefing two days later, said he “might have been misunderstood."
“I have several expressions. I smile when I’m happy, I smile when I’m faced with a very absurd situation, and if I offended certain people, I apologize to them," he said. [GMANews]
I still like Noynoy and I still have the same hope I had when I chose him to be my president. It’s unfair to insult him the way he’s being insulted right now and I share the same reason as posted by Anne on her blog:
The reason why I’m not insulting him is because he doesn’t deserve to be insulted. Criticise him perhaps, lampoon him maybe, vent frustrations at him, why not? But insult him? I agree with Jug, we shouldn’t insult him. The man has been in office [only] less than 60 days. He inherited a legacy that’s absolute rubbish, he’s surrounded by incompetent men, people who were supposed to help him run this nation. Ten years of incompetence and corruption under Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo produced an irrevocably incompetent generation of national police force.

Admittedly, the man’s command responsibility was severely tested and he failed in his first baptism of fire but to go as far as to insult him? I don’t know. Will that make us wiser? Grow taller in the eyes of the world? Make us more loveable to the Chinese? I’m not so sure.

If Aquino has publicly expressed deep apologies on behalf of the entire nation to the Chinese people, I believe he’s done what is humanely required of a president to do today. He must learn and learn fast and we must help him not by continuing self flagellations or self-inflicting moral damages to our person, bashing ourselves until we fight among ourselves, etc., but by telling him in no uncertain terms that we will not pardon him easily the second time around.


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