Torture video taker could get in trouble

>> Monday, August 30, 2010

If you were the video taker, would you not feel that you could be the next victim if you tried to stop this Binayug - who is denying that he is the torturer in the video - in the presence of the other police evildoers. Who would protect you if you do would be your biggest concern, right? Now this?

Rongavilla admitted the testimony of the video taker would further tighten their case. “We can use him as our star witness,” he said.
Rongavilla warned though that if the one who took the video turned out to be a policeman, he would also be held liable for countenancing the acts of Binayug.
“If the video taker is a policeman, he would be liable because he failed in his duties and responsibility to prevent such violations,” he said.
Rongavilla said their investigation is now focused on identifying those inside the police station at the time of the torture on Evangelista as the video also showed another person using his cellphone taking the video.
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