Ruffa and John Lloyd saga continues

>> Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apparently bothered, Ruffa Gutierrez called me up the other day and asked if I really Tweeted that her ex-boyfriend (although, like everybody else, they have never admitted that they were ever “on”) John Lloyd Cruz denied reports attributed to Ruffa that he continues to call and text her even now that they are “off” and JLC (as Ruffa fondly calls him) is presumed to be going happily steady with Shaina Magdayao ever after. According to rumors, which he has neither confirmed nor denied, JLC has lately been drinking (nothing new, huh?) because he might be having problems with his love life.

I told Ruffa that I don’t Tweet and, I’m printing this in bold all-caps as a disclaimer, I DON’T HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT OR A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT although I and some of my friends (Tempo’s Ronald Constantino, among them) have been complaining that some impostors have created such phony websites containing nasty entries against the stars which I, and I’m sure Ronald, totally disown.

But I asked Ruffa if JLC is indeed still regularly communicating with her and she said, “Yes, he is but he doesn’t even have the guts (Note: Ruffa actually used the stronger word that starts with ‘B’ and ends with a ‘double L’. — RFL) to tell the truth, making me a liar. He’s still as confused as ever.”

“Confused” was the same word Ruffa used to describe JLC’s state of mind last March when he asked for Ruffa’s help in deciding, would you believe, who to choose between her and Shaina. He eventually chose Shaina, the girl locked up in a seemingly stormy romance and obviously is not getting pieces of sisterly advice from her Ate Vina (whose own love life is reported to be topsy-turvy).

“The least (JLC) should do is be man enough to tell the truth,” said Ruffa, and nothing but.

Really now, is there anything wrong with an “ex” calling his “ex” and, why not, crying on each other’s shoulder?

“I have moved on,” added Ruffa, “and why shouldn’t he?”

[source: Ricky Lo]


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