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>> Friday, February 11, 2011

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Fake butt anyone?

I say learn to accept what God has given you and you will be happier.

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Not only AFP; DepEd, DOH, DND should also be checked for corruption

Philstar reported:

MANILA, Philippines – The practice of “conversion” or the fraudulent use of allocated government funds for other purposes is not confined to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) or the Philippine National Police (PNP), but is also routine in other larger agencies like the Department of Education (DepEd), a member of the House committee on appropriations disclosed yesterday.

The source said the main source of “converted funds” would be the personnel services (PS) budgets – mainly for the payment of salaries and allowances – where disbursements are difficult to monitor.

Other agencies allegedly engaged in the practice of conversion are the Department of Health (DOH) and even constitutional agencies with some degree of fiscal independence like the Commission on Audit (COA), the main watchdog of government funds.

“Each fiscal year, the DepEd, the DOH and the DND (Department of National Defense) would be given budgets for their personnel services, and these are huge sums, amounting to hundreds of billions of pesos, for their authorized number of personnel,” the source said.

“But these figures do not take into account those (personnel) who died, or were dismissed or who resigned, and this happens on a daily basis,” the source added.

Furthermore, almost always the authorized number of personnel to be hired by the agency are not filled by as much as 10 to 15 percent, thus the unused funds for the vacancies are prone to conversion.

The converted funds are considered as savings or covered with false disbursements and often used for bonuses at the end of the year, the source from the House said.

The DepEd, the bureaucracy’s biggest agency, has a PS allocation this year of P165.4 billion out of its P207 billion budget. The DOH has P7.7 billion for personal services. The Armed Forces has over P41 billion for PS while the PNP has an even higher amount.

The combined personnel of the DepEd, the DOH, the Armed Forces, and the PNP comprise about 75 percent of the total number of national government workers.

Underscoring the possible extent of the opportunities to engage in conversion using PS funds of national agencies, the Civil Service Commission can only give estimates of the size of the bureaucracy – 1.3 million as of the first half of last year.

Budget Secretary Florencio Abad on Wednesday said he has effectively withheld 20 percent or about P8.3 billion of the PS budget of the AFP this year due to persistent reports as well as exposés on the malversation of funds through conversion.

Abad said the AFP leadership has been avoiding requests of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) for a master list of its personnel.

He said the testimony of former military budget officer George Rabusa before the Senate Blue Ribbon committee confirmed previous DBM estimates that the actual number of soldiers in the Armed Forces was about 20 percent less than what the DND and the military is presenting when asking for PS budgets in Congress.

Zambales Rep. Milagros Magsaysay earlier told reporters that the DepEd can easily “source funds internally for other purposes because I don’t believe that DepEd has 568,000 plus personnel” as stated in the budget.

“What it (DepEd) has been doing, year in and year out, was to automatically add the number of teachers it was authorized to hire in a year, without subtracting those who retired, or were separated from, or died in service during the same period,” Magsaysay said.

As this developed, lawmakers called for the immediate passage of various anti-corruption bills pending in Congress.

Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC) party-list Rep. Sherwin Tugna and Ang Kasangga party-list Rep. Teodorico Haresco, in separate statements, also called for tighter congressional oversight on the budgets of national agencies with huge discretionary funds.

“Departments should also encourage the use of computerized auditing and follow the E-Procurement Act in their transactions,” Haresco said.

“We need to work double time in crafting laws. There are very critical anti-corruption measures that need immediate attention,” Tugna said.


Angelo Reyes killed himself but for whom?

The Death of Gen. Angelo Reyes and the Meaning of Public Office is a Public Trust
Friday, 11 February 2011 15:30

Unlike other cultures, our Filipino culture does not accord suicides by public figures one clear and definitive meaning. Thus the message of a Filipino dying in public by his own hand often ends up being contested, improvised and twisted by various interested parties. And so it is with the tragic death of General Angelo Reyes. Did he put a bullet through his heart in an ultimate admission of personal responsibility for whatever wrong he had committed? Or was his willful termination of his own life a sublime act of protest to assert his innocence against unfair yet unremitting persecution?

The death of someone like Gen. Reyes who served our country for most of his life deserves our respect, prayers and reflection. This is a tragedy to one person, to his family and to many who believed and admired him for his personal, professional and public life. For his fellow Filipinos that Gen. Reyes left behind, his chosen timing and manner of exiting the public stage and this mortal world challenges us to seek some meaning and purpose from such a tragic loss. We, former senior government officials, choose to see the death of Gen. Reyes in the light of the principle that public office is a public trust.

1. We find no honor in a death without meaning to the welfare of our nation.
Gen. Angelo Reyes took his own life in the midst of an investigation that exposed the corruption within the command structure of our military, corruption that had tainted him. For whom did Gen. Reyes die? If he died to escape the consequences of his involvement, or to put a lid on further revelations, or worse, to become a sacrificial lamb for all others more tainted than he, his was not an honourable death. The smug faces of unpunished corruption that visited his wake only further dishonour him. If, on the other hand, his death inspires our leaders to finally clean up the corrupt system in the military that ensnared him, he might yet be the last soldier to die in our people's war against corruption. Gen. Reyes may have died by his own hand, but in truth, corruption killed him. As we pray for the forgiveness of his sins, we hope that his blood spilled on his mother’s grave will begin the cleansing of his beloved AFP, the government he protected and the nation he served.

The death of Reyes should not be wished upon anyone, not even the Garcias, the Ligots, and other alleged recipients of military graft, or even their alleged real protectors. That would be unchristian. But perhaps these lost souls in the people's war against corruption should be reminded that moral death is as tragic as physical death. And the suffering will be much longer.

2. The investigation into high level corruption in the military should continue.
Gen. Reyes’ death could not and should not be blamed upon our legislators, no matter how hurtful their statements may have been. While more civility and courtesy could mark our congressional investigations, and invited "guests" to these proceedings could be treated better by their "hosts", it must be clear by now that these legislative inquiries serve a vital function in democratic governance. Thus far, the truth about high level corruption has obviously and apparently not been brought forth by agencies charged with this function. Neither the police, the NBI, the Ombudsman, nor the courts have shown any talent nor interest to bring forth to our people the truth about corruption at the highest levels of our government.

Despite their rantings and distractions during these public hearings, our senators and congressmen have been able to put names, faces, numbers and dates to the corruption that every citizen knows infects our officialdom.
We continue to regard George Rabusa and Heidi Mendoza as heroes in our people's war against corruption. They have nothing to be ashamed about in this tragedy. Mendoza has apparently always been honorable in the discharge of her functions, while Rabusa had to confront and acknowledge his own sins in order to retrieve his own lost honor by finally telling the truth.

We ask Commodore Rex Robles and the others who have special knowledge of the facts concerning corruption in the military that they pay their respects to Gen. Reyes by coming out with the truth, rather than expecting others to do their work for them. Truth telling is the responsibility of everyone who knows the truth.

3. Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez must go.
The Ombudsman can no longer sustain her pretense that moves to oust her are merely partisan efforts by the critics of Gloria Arroyo. There is nothing partisan about our people's nearly universal desire to have a new beginning in the Office of the Ombudsman. The whole nation wants its government to move along the tuwid na daan and this incumbent Ombudsman is one of the biggest boulders on their way. Everybody wants this boulder out. She no longer has any excuse for trying to stay.

We remind the Supreme Court, and other lawyers, that in deciding the case on the impeachment of Merceditas Gutierrez, their final responsibility is not to search for arcane legal principles that would find fault in the effort, but to join the Filipino people in ridding ourselves of this boulder along our path towards a righteous and just Philippines.

The death of Gen. Reyes reminds us that corruption kills. Most often, it kills poor Filipinos with hunger, disease, disaster or crime because the money meant to help or protect them was stolen. It kills soldiers whose bullets ran out, whose guns fail, whose trucks ran out of gasoline, whose aircraft crashed due to poor maintenance, all because someone stole the money for their needs. Sometime, corruption kills those that partake of its evil fruit.

The death of Gen. Reyes is finally a reminder that public office is a public trust. Those who occupy public office shall be held accountable, by our laws when possible; by public opinion, when necessary; by history, eventually; or by individual conscience, ultimately.
[Source: FSGO]


Lovely new couple: Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa - watch videos

>> Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oyo Sotto and Kristine Hermosa from Bong Sare on Vimeo.

Oyo and Tin - OBB from Bong Sare on Vimeo.


Gloria Arroyo's call to Reyes and her mysterious concerns

>> Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Retired Navy Commodore Rex Robles said in his talk with former AFP Chief Angelo Reyes the past weeks, the latter was very worried and felt the walls coming down on him.

His last conversation with Reyes was Monday noon. Reyes told him that Gloria Arroyo called him up recently to inquire about two things: One, she wanted to know who was the mistah of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV who delivered his (Reyes) Jan. 14, 2011 letter to the senator asking him to reveal who was “powerful person” behind former military comptroller Carlos Garcia, and two, she wanted to know why Robles was attacking Paranaque Rep. Roilo Golez.

It must be noted that Reyes sent Trillanes the letter before former military budget officer, Lt. Col. George Rabusa with his expose on Reyes getting P50 million send-off gift and P10 million allowance every month on Jan. 27. At this time, the issue was limited to the plea bargain agreement between the Ombudsman and Garcia.Does this mean Reyes knew he would be dragged into the controversy?

On Arroyo’s second concern, Robles said he is suspicious of Golez’ motive in attacking Reyes and that it is diverting the issue from Garcia. He said that people protecting Garcia are doing it through Golez.

Golez, in an earlier newspaper interview, was puzzled by Robles line. He said he is perplexed where Robles was coming from.

The first concern of Arroyo raised more concerns. Why would Arroyo be concerned who was the “mistah” of Trillanes who delivered the letter? Was she afraid that it would be Lt. Commander Cris Magdangal, her former aide, who might be privy to some things she would not want to be known? No, it was not Lcdr Magdangal.

If Arroyo was interested in the identity of the officer who brought the letter, that officer better take precaution.

In the letter, which Reyes also published in major newspapers, said: “The Philippine daily Inquirer issue of 13 January 2011, carried a front page article that quoted the good Senator as having said that “ex-military comptroller Garcia was fronting for a powerful person.” The article proceeded to say that you declined to identify the powerful person but that you had disclosed the name of certain people in Malacanang. The next day issue of the same newspaper carried an article about former Defense and Military chiefs being linked to the plunder case.

“This has fueled a lot of speculation as to who this powerful person is that Garcia is allegedly fronting for.

“In the interest of truth, justice and fairness, I believe the good senator must now identify who this powerful person is. And knowing you to be a forthright and just person, I am confident that when you do name this powerful person, you would be able to substantiate the allegation.

“Mr. Senator, you owe it to the ordinary citizens of this Republic that you do this. Please let us not keep the people and the issue hanging.”

In reply to Reyes’ request Trillanes said in media interviews that based on the Rabusa expose, the powerful person behind Garcia were Reyes and his then comptroller Lt. Gen. Jacinto Ligot.”

Reyes death was a shock. May he find his peace with the Lord while we continue with our search for truth that would restore honesty to government service and decency to our daily life.


Angelo Reyes killed himself

MANILA, Philippines - Angelo Reyes lingered behind his parents’ graves as his two sons, an aide and driver walked back to their car at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina yesterday morning.

Reyes went down on his knees before the grave of his mother Purificacion. Moments later, a shot rang out and he slumped on the grave, spattering it with blood.

As his companions rushed him to the car, a grave caretaker said he overheard the dying Reyes tell his sons Carlo and Judd, “Sorry ha, sorry ha” when they asked him “Bakit (Why) dad, bakit dad?”

Reyes was lifeless upon arrival at the Quirino Memorial Medical Center, where doctors officially declared him dead at 8:32 a.m. after about 45 minutes of trying to revive him. A .45-caliber bullet had pierced his chest near his heart and exited through the back. Doctors tentatively pronounced the death a suicide.

It was a tragic end for a decorated military officer who in his final days saw his name tarnished by allegations of skimming millions of pesos from funds meant for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

A day earlier, Reyes had sent a letter to the House of Representatives, declining to attend a committee hearing on the plea deal being negotiated by retired AFP comptroller Carlos Garcia.

“He was dead on arrival. They were not able to revive him... as of now, our finding is only one gunshot wound,” Health Secretary Enrique Ona told reporters.

“Based on the position of the shot, the bullet most probably hit his heart. If not, his large veins were damaged,” Dr. Fernando Lopez, Reyes’ attending physician, told The STAR.
[Read more]


Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao scheduled to meet with President Obama in the White House

>> Monday, February 7, 2011

MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao is going to the White House.

In what could be another first, the Filipino boxing champion who also happens to be a congressman will get to meet US President Barack Obama next week in Washington.

Pacquiao has confirmed his visit to the White House although everyone around him wouldn’t talk, as if there was a gag order.

“Yes, we already have the invitation to the White House,” Pacquiao told the Philippine Entertainment Portal in a rare interview, saying that his wife Jinkee will be with him during the visit.

Pacquiao will be the first Filipino athlete ever to make an official visit to the White House, and he’s also probably the first professional boxer to meet the sports-minded Obama.

Obama loves to play basketball as much as Pacquiao does, and when they meet, briefly perhaps, they will surely talk about boxing as well, and a little bit of politics.

Pacquiao leaves tomorrow evening for Los Angeles for a whirlwind press tour to promote his May 7 fight with Shane Mosley.

Team Pacquiao will be at the Beverly Hills Hotel in LA on Feb. 10, then at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Feb. 12 and at the Chelsea Pier in New York on Valentine’s Day.

From New York, Pacquiao will take the train to Washington, on a special coach with 60 seats, loaded with boxing people, led by the ageless fight promoter Bob Arum and members of media.

Mosley will stay behind in New York, and Pacquiao will take the three-hour ride to Washington for another press conference at the office of Sen. Harry Reid on Feb. 15, and the trip to the White House.

Obama can receive Pacquiao at the Oval Office or meet him over lunch or dinner perhaps, depending on the schedule. The PEP report said first lady Michelle Obama will be there, too.

Pacquiao said it’s a rare opportunity that Filipinos should be proud of.

“Of course, I’m excited because it’s been a dream to meet President Obama. I will never forget this as a part of my life because I admire him (Obama) so much,” said Pacquiao, in his first term as a Filipino congressman.

“It’s heartwarming that he recognizes us. I am proud to be a Filipino and I will take this pride to the White House.”

Arum, through Senator Reid, his dear friend, worked hard to make the visit possible.

An insider, however, said only the Pacquiaos will get near President Obama, and members of the boxer’s entourage will have to wait somewhere else inside the White House.

The Pacquiao-Obama meeting was supposed to take place last November, after the Filipino champion defeated Antonio Margarito in Dallas. He was doing a concert in San Francisco when the chance came, and his adviser, Mike Koncz, already had a private plane on standby to fly Pacquiao to Washington.

But a sudden change in the President’s schedule got in the way. This time, however, it’s green and go, and the only thing that could stand in the way is probably a snowstorm that would block all entrances to the White House.

Jinkee is also thrilled with the meeting, and said she’s ready with what to wear.

“I don’t know what to do or what to say when we get there. I might freeze when I see the Obamas in front of me. Let’s see what happens. I hope I don’t get nervous and jittery,” said Jinkee.

Jinkee said she’d be at her best.

“I’ve already chosen one. But I’m still looking at other dresses. I want Manny to be proud of me. I must be presentable. I’m sure First Lady Michelle Obama will be dressed to the hilt. I hope she likes mine, too,” said Jinkee.

But anything would surely go well with a $50,000 (P2.1 million) Birkin.


Kris Aquino revealed: President Noynoy is exclusively dating... again

Here is a hint from Kris who just won't shut up. But because our country has so much problems that we are expecting PNoy to solve as he promised, so sorry to say this but it must be "duty first before pleasure"

MANILA, Philippines - For the 51st birthday of President Benigno Aquino III on Tuesday, his youngest sister and star-of-all-media Kris Aquino said her birthday wish is for her brother's stable love life to continue.

Kris confirmed that the President is already exclusively dating someone.

However, she refused to name who the woman is as she has promised her brother to keep mum on the issue.

"That's my other gift, keeping quiet,” she said. “I think he is exclusively dating someone but I would like to leave it at that because the girl is already starting to be comfortable with us.”

“Kasi baka sabihin ng babae kahit okay si Noy kung magkakaroon naman siya ng sister-in-law na kasing daldal ni Kris, eh huwag na. So ibigay na natin sa kanya ‘yun."

Kris hopes her brother's relationship will be for keeps, and that it will finally lead to a marriage they have been waiting for.
The President has a special fondness for Kris' children. She said she prays that her brother will have his own family and children of his own soon.

Defends purchase of Porsche

The talk show host also defended her brother’s purchase of a P4.5-million second-hand Porsche.

She appealed to the public to be more understanding of her brother, particularly since he used his own money to buy the car.

"He is single, this is his joy. Hindi siya nagdro-droga o sugal, o nali-link sa kung kani-kaninong babae. Kung sasakyan lang ang kanyang kaligayahan at stress-release, ipinagdadasal kong mapagbigyan na siya doon. It is not brand new, the taxes have been paid naman."

Kris also laughed at critics who insist that the President should have waited until after his 6-year term is over to buy the Porsche.

"Super labo na ang mata niya noon no? He won't enjoy it anymore. Fifty-one na siya ngayon. Kung 57 na siya, hindi na siya enjoy sa pag-drive."

Malacañang, meanwhile, said, it will be a working birthday for the President on Tuesday. Aquino, however, will still find time for a private celebration with his family.

Will his special someone join the private celebration?


Manny Pacquiao's house in the US featured on MTV Cribs video


Retired soldiers not surprised with exposé on AFP anomalies

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - Retired soldiers in Zamboanga City are not surprised with the alleged anomalous practices within the Armed Forces as divulged by a former military budget officer in a Senate hearing last week.
Retired Army Master Sergeant William Madamba said they have long known about the alleged illegal activities that top military generals are involved in.
"Sanay na ang tenga namin sa ganoong storya ma'am," Madamba said.
"Practice na talaga sa AFP 'yan," Madamba said.
Retired Lt. Col. George Rabusa testified in the Senate about corruption in the military last Thursday, claiming that Armed Forces chiefs get P50 million as “pabaon” (send-off money) when they retire.

"Noon nga everytime na may bagong commander ang Southcom, palagi sila may bagong project. Tignan niyo na lang 'yang grandstand, ilang beses binago-bago 'yan. Diyan kasi sila kumikita sa mga project," Madamba said.
He lamented how top military officials seem to be lying in beds of cash, while ordinary soldiers like him would have to undergo long and tedious process of following up their retirement papers just to claim minimal benefits.
Retired Marine Technical Sergeant Generoso Nebre, meanwhile, said although he did not experience running out of ammunition while in battle, several lives would have been saved had the Armed Forces' leadership given its full support to soldiers in the field.
"At di ka puede mag-complain," Nebre said. "Palaging katwiran ng mga opisyal, hintayin mo na maging opisyal ka para makapag-complain ka."
Madamba said Senator Antonio Trillanes III's allegations that some military officials are selling firearms and ammunition to the enemies of the state is not baseless.
"Sa tinagal-tagal ba naman ng giyera dito sa Mindanao, dapat tapos na kung hindi mismo ang AFP nagbebenta sa kalaban,” he said.
Madamba and Nebre believe it is high time that such irregularities are exposed. "Para matigil na ang ginagawa ng ibang heneral na 'yan."
They hope the present administration will conduct a deeper probe into Rabusa's exposes so that alleged illegal practices within the military will end.


More corruptions in the Philippines exposed

This story is guaranteed to make your stomach turn upside down. The revelation is increasing and growing but I'm more dying to know the ending. Will these corruptions ever stop? President Noynoy, we are watching you and your promises to stop corruption in the Philippines. I hope and pray that you are different from the others.

MANILA, Philippines - The wives of generals allegedly had their share in the largesse illegally drawn from military funds for their husbands, enabling them to travel in style, go on shopping sprees, and buy houses in the United States.

At a Senate hearing yesterday, Senate President Pro-Tempore Jinggoy Estrada presented photographs of two houses supposedly bought by Erlinda Yambao Ligot in California when her husband, Lt. Gen. Jacinto Ligot, was the military comptroller.

Ligot was the AFP comptroller when Angelo Reyes was Armed Forces chief of staff.

The hearing was on the plea bargain deal between former military comptroller Carlos Garcia and the Ombudsman.

There are eight houses in the US – mostly in California – in Mrs. Ligot’s name, Estrada said, citing records.

During the hearing, Estrada confronted General Ligot about the two houses in his wife’s name, which included a house at 7102 Stanton Avenue, Buena Park, California, purchased for $183,168 in 2002.

Prior to this, Estrada presented to Ligot some photos of a huge house at 1240 Cabernet Circle, South Anaheim, California, reportedly purchased by Mrs. Ligot on Dec. 23, 2003. The Anaheim property was worth $504,000.

Ligot said he was not familiar with the houses in the photos presented to him by the senator.

“You’re not familiar?” Estrada asked.

“This is the first time I saw this house,” Ligot replied.

Estrada said he had documents to show that Mrs. Ligot was the seventh owner of the house in South Cabernet Circle while the same Mrs. Ligot was the 22nd owner of the Stanton property.

Ligot claimed he was himself surprised when the properties mentioned were included in the complaint against him before the Ombudsman.

When Estrada asked Ligot whether he had ever discussed with his wife where she had gotten the money to buy the houses, Ligot invoked his right against self-incrimination.
He said the properties were subject of forfeiture cases against him before the Sandiganbayan.
“What did you do when you received the information coming from the Ombudsman that you have properties allegedly bought by your wife in the US?” Estrada asked.
Ligot said he asked his wife, “What happened? That was how I recalled saying. Because we really do not have anything about these houses.”
Ligot said he couldn’t recall how the conversation with his wife ended because she went hysterical on learning of the charges from the Ombudsman.
Estrada said he had information that Mrs. Ligot may have been used as a dummy by the wife of Angelo Reyes – her usual travel companion – in the case of the Anaheim property.
“You weren’t aware about the properties as you said. Although, I do not wish to confirm this, I want to hear it from you. May nagsabi, ginawa lang dummy ang misis sa pagbili ng second property (Somebody claimed that your wife was used as dummy for the purchase of the second property). The first, in Buena Park in Stanton (street), that’s really yours,” Estrada said in Filipino. “Yung Anaheim, ay kay Mrs. Reyes daw ho iyon. Nilagay lang daw ho sa pangalan ng misis niyo (The one is Anaheim is Mrs. Reyes’ but it’s in your wife’s name). How true it that?”
Ligot again invoked his right against self-incrimination, prompting Estrada to threaten to invite his wife for questioning in the next hearing.
Travel buddies
Estrada said Mrs. Reyes and Mrs. Ligot traveled together at least 13 times from 1999 to 2004.
Estrada cited travel documents from the Bureau of Immigration that revealed that Reyes and Ligot were travel buddies during trips to San Francisco, California, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bandar Seri Begawan.
They traveled to Los Angeles, California at least seven times via Philippine Airlines.
Mrs. Reyes traveled 48 times to foreign countries from 1993 to 2004 while Mrs. Ligot traveled 42 times to the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong from 1993-2004, documents also showed.
Estrada found it unbelievable that with Ligot’s meager salary as a military general, his wife could afford to travel so many times. “What is there in Los Angeles?” he asked.
Asked whether his wife and Reyes’ wife were close, Ligot said: “They are acquaintances, especially in the ladies’ club.”
Whistleblower former military budget officer George Rabusa said the AFP shouldered the airfare and hotel accommodations of Reyes’s wife and the expenses of her entourage were paid for by the executive assistant of the sitting military chief.
At one point, Rabusa revealed that he also had to meet Mrs. Reyes when both of them were in the United States on separate trips after she asked for more allowance.
“Sa America, nag-usap po kami sa LA (I spoke with Mrs. Reyes in LA). Kulang daw po yung ano (allowance) nagpadagdag pa ng allowance noon (She said her allowance wad not enough and she needed more)... I have to produce from a friend, ginawan po namin ng paraan (we found a way)... Not less than $5,000,” said Rabusa, who was in the US at that time to audit an attaché to Washington.
He said he also gave Reyes’ wife shopping money of up to $10,000 for foreign trips, depending on which place she was visiting and on the number of people in her entourage.
Reacting to Ligot’s denials, Estrada said he was puzzled as to how Mrs. Ligot was able to travel to the US when her husband received only a monthly salary of P35,000. Ligot said his wife sometimes got help from their relatives in the US.
Diversion of UN funds
Rabusa also detailed how they diverted funds from the UN allocation for the East Timor mission.
Rabusa presented documents which showed that the higher-ups charged P7.1 million for the inspection and repair as necessary (IRAN) of a Cessna aircraft intended for the Philippine Army.
Another item charged to the East Timor fund was the purchase of P6-million worth of firearms released to the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces.
About P1 million charged to the East Timor fund was also among the expenses used for the repair and rehabilitation of the AFP general headquarters hospital.
“This is valid because the hospital is used for medical processing of applicants,” Rabusa said.
He said that out of P14 million from the East Timor fund, P13 million was not related to the peacekeeping effort.
He said diversion of the UN funds caused their depletion from P102 million to P88 million by May 2002.
[source: Philstar]


Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo, Ann Curtis, and KC Concepcion in one project coming soon

Yes, a project is in the works to star the current most beautiful and most bankable ABS-CBN celebrities: Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo, Ann Curtis, and KC Concepcion. Watch out for more information.
[credit: Darla Sauler]

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