Gloria Arroyo's call to Reyes and her mysterious concerns

>> Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Retired Navy Commodore Rex Robles said in his talk with former AFP Chief Angelo Reyes the past weeks, the latter was very worried and felt the walls coming down on him.

His last conversation with Reyes was Monday noon. Reyes told him that Gloria Arroyo called him up recently to inquire about two things: One, she wanted to know who was the mistah of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV who delivered his (Reyes) Jan. 14, 2011 letter to the senator asking him to reveal who was “powerful person” behind former military comptroller Carlos Garcia, and two, she wanted to know why Robles was attacking Paranaque Rep. Roilo Golez.

It must be noted that Reyes sent Trillanes the letter before former military budget officer, Lt. Col. George Rabusa with his expose on Reyes getting P50 million send-off gift and P10 million allowance every month on Jan. 27. At this time, the issue was limited to the plea bargain agreement between the Ombudsman and Garcia.Does this mean Reyes knew he would be dragged into the controversy?

On Arroyo’s second concern, Robles said he is suspicious of Golez’ motive in attacking Reyes and that it is diverting the issue from Garcia. He said that people protecting Garcia are doing it through Golez.

Golez, in an earlier newspaper interview, was puzzled by Robles line. He said he is perplexed where Robles was coming from.

The first concern of Arroyo raised more concerns. Why would Arroyo be concerned who was the “mistah” of Trillanes who delivered the letter? Was she afraid that it would be Lt. Commander Cris Magdangal, her former aide, who might be privy to some things she would not want to be known? No, it was not Lcdr Magdangal.

If Arroyo was interested in the identity of the officer who brought the letter, that officer better take precaution.

In the letter, which Reyes also published in major newspapers, said: “The Philippine daily Inquirer issue of 13 January 2011, carried a front page article that quoted the good Senator as having said that “ex-military comptroller Garcia was fronting for a powerful person.” The article proceeded to say that you declined to identify the powerful person but that you had disclosed the name of certain people in Malacanang. The next day issue of the same newspaper carried an article about former Defense and Military chiefs being linked to the plunder case.

“This has fueled a lot of speculation as to who this powerful person is that Garcia is allegedly fronting for.

“In the interest of truth, justice and fairness, I believe the good senator must now identify who this powerful person is. And knowing you to be a forthright and just person, I am confident that when you do name this powerful person, you would be able to substantiate the allegation.

“Mr. Senator, you owe it to the ordinary citizens of this Republic that you do this. Please let us not keep the people and the issue hanging.”

In reply to Reyes’ request Trillanes said in media interviews that based on the Rabusa expose, the powerful person behind Garcia were Reyes and his then comptroller Lt. Gen. Jacinto Ligot.”

Reyes death was a shock. May he find his peace with the Lord while we continue with our search for truth that would restore honesty to government service and decency to our daily life.


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