To all Pacquiao grammar critics, shame on you!

>> Monday, March 21, 2011

Yes! shame on all those who've got the nerve to criticize Pacquiao who have brought so much excitement and honor to our country. Have you done anything at all to make our country proud? I think Pacquiao is more admirable than all of YOU who are nothing but "walang binatbat" (losers) as they say. Looking at Pacquiao's riches, I'd rather have that than your perfect (kuno) grammar. Again, shame on you!

Pacman blasts grammar critics
By Barry Viloria, abs-cbnNEWS.com

MANILA, Philippines – Pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao hit back at people who have been criticizing his grammar on the social networking site Twitter.

Pacquiao was apparently unhappy over criticisms regarding his usage of the English language.

"Its doesn't matter of the grammar as long they understand the message thanks," he tweeted.

Pacquiao, also a lawmaker, said that English is not his native tongue.

"Tyong lhat pinoy ang slita ntin ay tgalog we should use our language we're nt american, jpan,chna,atbp. They're using there own language," he tweeted.

He stressed: "We should proud in our language that's the real pinoy yan ang tama thank you God Bless everyone."

Pacquiao opened an official Twitter account last month.

However, Pacquiao received criticism over his grammar, which almost prompted the boxer to close the account.

Pacquiao has thought of a way to shield himself from his critics.

"Now I know how to block those haters hehe," he said.

Pacman blasts faux ‘Mommy D’

Pacquiao also lashed out at Twitter accounts who are pretending to be and are making fun of his mother, Dionesia.

"Sorry but Mommy D don't have twitter account so please stop pretending that you're mommy mahiya naman kayo na gumagamit ng iba thank you," he said.

"Kung ako man mahiya akong gumamit ng iba kasi parang wala tayong tiwala sa sarili natin plastic kong tawagin nagtatago sa ibang anyo ty," the Sarangani congressman added.

In his latest tweet, an apparently upset Pacquiao said that pretending to be someone else does no good.

"Pasensya na kaya lng ayw ko ksi ng taong hndi totoo sa sarili ksi ako kong ano man ako, ako to totoong tao ako hndi ako marunong mag pangap,” he said.


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