UCLA Student critized Asian Students on YouTube - UPDATE

>> Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Viral for the wrong reasons: Student vid causes big stir
by Taylor Hannigan

A student who posted a video railing against Asian classmates has left her California school, saying she was harassed and received death threats.

UCLA junior Alexandra Wallace said she was just trying to come up with a funny video for YouTube when she posted a three-minute flick in which she mocked the way Asians speak, said her apartment complex becomes filled with “old Asian people” on the weekends, and suggested that Asian students checking on the status of tsunami victims leave the school’s library first so they don’t disturb others.

The video went viral, garnering millions of views on YouTube. Wallace quickly apologized, but not soon enough to avoid what she says was harassment of her family, publishing of her personal information and death threats. She said she has decided to leave the school.

University officials condemned the video but have declined to discipline Wallace, saying she was exercising her right to free speech.


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