the you in you

>> Thursday, March 10, 2011

think first before talk
for less talk, less trouble
and no talk, no trouble
be more quiet and listen more
so that you may live with peace and joy.

emotions, emotions
causes too much reactions
can't think, can't process
they're tiring to the mind, heavy to the heart

stop kidding around when no one seems laughing
stop whining all the time when no one seems to care
for yourself is all that matters
it's always waiting to be pampered
by you, only you
who cares if there's none
as long as there's you

treat yourself good, treat yourself nice
live your life, laugh out loud
smile a lot but cry your hurts out
always remember to always put your best foot forward
and pray to God to lead you always
to the light and the right path.

- a life in seasoning


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